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Sunday, July 25, 2010

PLO Gets Upgrade in Washington

The Obama Administration  has upgraded Mahmoud Abbas's diplomatic status in Washington. His offices in DC will now be allowed to fly the PLO flag.  The flag raising privilege is granted to an entity with delegation status or embassy status. The PLO now have delegation status which means that PLO diplomats in Washington will also have diplomatic immunity although the PLO still does not have embassy status.

Unfortunately, the PLO continues to be granted these diplomatic niceties on an almost automatic basis despite the fact that Abbas has showed no commitment to making peace with Israel and has made no effort to cease anti-Israel incitement on PA TV.

On the other hand, Israel has to give away the  highway for Bibi Netanyahu to be permitted to stay at the Blair House for his meeting with President Obama. Go figure.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Air Canada Security Breach


Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memo To The United Nations


If you want to take a break in criticizing Israel and branding the Jewish State as a pariah country and a human rights violator even when you have no evidence to support your anti-Israel viewpoints, I found the perfect place where you can turn your human rights supporting energies while you rest up before returning your attention to Israel.

Where is that perfect place?

The USA? Nope think again.

England? Nope think again.

Australia? Nope think again.

Can't think of another place that has human rights violations other than Israel and the United States?

Well let me give you a little help.


 A Tehran court has ruled that a 25 year old woman convicted of adultery (who knows whether in fact this woman even committed adultery)  will be put to death by stoning. The Judge  shockingly decided to stone  Maryam Ghorbanzadeh despite the fact that she is pregnant.  Her attorney claims that Maryam will not be put to death until after she delivers. Whether or not Iran will have mercy on a pregnant woman remains to be seen. Since the ruling, Iran has made it clear that it will not stone Ghorbanzadeh but she could still be killed by other means.

Chances are not good that Ghorbanzadeh will escape death before she delivers if an Iranian Judge was sadistic enough to sentence a pregnant woman to stoning for supposedly committing adultery. Even if she escapes death until after delivery, a baby boy or  girl will most likely grow up without a mother because of a cruel and inhumane Iranian judicial system.

Ghorbanzadeh is one of many Iranian women  who have been sentenced to death or lashes for committing the crime of adultery. Iran's judicial system is so heavily  slanted in favor of  the husbands of these women that it purposefully ignores any evidence which debunks fallacious claims of adultery.  The courts in Iran accept the accusations of Iranian men that their wives have had extramarital affairs with alacrity which means that if an Iranian man wants his wife dead; all he has to do is accuse her of adultery.

Iranian women are not on the same power chain to accuse their husbands of adultery and have any expectation of being heard in Court as it is acceptable for Iranian men to have more wives and not for Iranian women to have relations with other men.

For example, 19 year old Azhar Bakri was sentenced to death because her husband accused her of having an extramarital affair. Bakri married her husband when she was only 14.  Unfortunately, Bakri has suffered unbearable abuse by the guards while in prison as she awaits her death by stoning.

Iran is a country that is replete with egregious human rights violations of the worst kind on a daily basis. The leadership has no qualms about forcing their people to accept its radical Jihadist ideology through violence.  It is a totalitarian brutal dictatorship stuck  in an incomprehensible mindset that follows rigid constricted Islamic rules that have no place in the 21st century.

To stone a pregnant woman or any woman for that matter for committing adultery (most of the time there is no evidence of adultery) in a modern day era is an outrageous miscarriage of justice and a gross encroachment of international law and human rights.

 It would therefore behoove the United Nations and its purported human rights partners to focus its wrath on the real source of human rights violations and horrific acts of violence against women in Iran.

Somehow my hunch tells me that the United Nations will continue to fall asleep at the wheel.

However, at least I gave the United Nations with an opportunity to shift gears if it gets tired in condemning Israel for building homes in East Jerusalem.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Convicted Felons Elected Al Franken


Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Doubting Obama's Sincerity

After two meetings with President Obama which ended with a cold shoulder, Israeli Prime-Minister Netanyahu has finally received his long awaited and much anticipated White House photograph with the U.S. President.   (Mahmoud Abbas had no trouble getting his photograph taken with the President)

Not only did Netanyahu have an opportunity to smile for the cameras, he also was allowed to stay at the coveted Blair House right across the street from the White  House instead of  opting for a standard Washington DC hotel.

Israel's Ambassador to the United States, Michael Oren, joked ahead of the Obama-Netanyahu meeting "There are going to be more photographers there than at the Academy Awards.”

There is no question that the change in the White House treatment of  Netanyahu is in response to an attempt by Obama to lure Jewish voters to the Democrats' side just in time for the November 2010 elections.

Will Jewish voters take the bait?  I would imagine some will unfortunately.

But, the real question is how long will Obama's rosy treatment of  Netanyahu last?

Obama asserted today at his July 6th meeting with the Israeli Prime-Minister that he and Netanyahu are 'friends.'  "The press in Israel and the U.S. like to make a story," Obama retorted.

But, the press did not concoct  a story when President Obama denied Netanyahu photo-op opportunities and left the Israeli entourage stranded in the White House last March. Friends do not treat friends the way Obama has snubbed Netanyahu during his two previous meetings at the White House.

The press was simply doing its job in reporting the news for a change.

While Netanyahu was treated better this time around, his grand entrance to the White House on July 6th did not come without high costs.

If you remember, Netanyahu was scheduled to meet Obama last month at the White House. Obama canceled that meeting following the Flotilla incident telling Netanyahu to "go home." [Netanyahu was in Canada when Obama abruptly canceled the meeting]

In order for Netanyahu to have his July 6th meeting with Obama under cordial terms, Israel had to significantly ease its naval blockade of Gaza which it did to Obama's approval.

Before the next meeting, Obama also expects Israel to extend its settlement freeze in the West Bank which expires in September.

By some chance Israel decides to not extend the settlement freeze; will Obama return to his cold stance and ban photo ops at future meetings between the two leaders?

Will Obama turn on Netanyahu if he builds another bathroom in East Jerusalem?

If so, Netanyahu might want to book his hotel room at the nearby Motel 6 for his next visit to Washington.

Doubting Obama's sincerity is  a logical reaction to the White House's royal treatment of Netanyahu.   Obama played Netanyahu like a fiddle this time securing far reaching compromises from the Israeli leader that were prerequisites for the red carpet treatment at the White House on July 6th.

Even Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority did not have to satisfy prerequisites for his recent meeting with Obama. All Abbas had to say was that the Palestinian Authority is not inciting its people to kill Jews which is an obvious lie and Obama was easily persuaded.

Clearly, Obama does not schedule his meetings with Abbas based on his perception of the Palestinian leader at the time of the meeting.

However, recent history has shown that Obama's treatment of Netanyahu depends on the political climate at the time of the meeting.

Jewish voters should be duly advised not to get their hopes up that Obama is a changed man. His mood swings will dictate how Netanyahu is treated the next time he visits Washington.

Obama could easily turn on Netanyahu at a moment's whim.

Friday, July 2, 2010

Obama Doctrine: Talk to Hamas

We were all accustomed to the Bush Doctrine.  The Bush Doctrine pursued the elimination of  terrorism wherever it can be found. Unfortunately, the Bush Doctrine has been replaced with the Obama Doctrine which espouses the complete opposite. Direct engagement with the very terrorists that President Bush vowed to destroy.

Obama Administration officials have praised Hezbollah calling them 'moderate.'  The President has gone out of his way to reach out to Russia  and the European Union who are notorious for powwowing with Arab terrorist-supporting regimes like Syria and Iran.  It is well settled that no love is lost between Obama and Netanyahu Israel's Prime Minister. While Obama has done everything possible to distance himself from Netanyahu, he has done everything possible to cozy up to the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and the Saudi King.  It is thus quite clear that Obama has reversed the Bush Doctrine completely. Instead of distancing the U.S. from its enemies and embracing its friends which is what Bush believed, Obama distances the U.S. from its friends and embraces its enemies.

One may assert that it is too strong of a statement to state that Obama is embracing enemies of the United States. Well, the previous statement may not be far off if a report from Worldnetdaily is true.  The report states that Hamas officials claim that members from the Obama Administration have already met with Hamas in Europe in secret meetings and that more meeting are planned for the future.

In the meetings, the U.S. officials asked Hamas to accept a Palestinian state in Gaza, the West Bank, and East Jerusalem.  The U.S. officials would even  be willing to make their meetings with Hamas public if they became more moderate.

Apparently, a U.S. official is scheduled to arrive in an undisclosed Arab country in the near future to deliver a telegram to Hamas from the Obama Administration.

The Obama Doctrine of reaching out to enemies of the United States originates from a perspective that the Bush Doctrine harmed U.S. interests at home and abroad by alienating the Arab world.  In retrospect, the Obama Doctrine is  the philosophy that is more harmful to U.S. interests at home and abroad.

By attempting to understand the enemy which the Obama Doctrine stands for,  President Obama only intensifies the enemy's  resolve to attack the United States.  The enemy is not deterred by  tolerance and understanding.  Rather, the American drive to reconcile with terrorist organizations is a huge motivator for Hamas and others who share their thinking.

In actuality, these groups have no desire to come to any consensus with America. Hamas's perceived cooperation in meeting with U.S. officials is in fact their stepping stone for more ruthless attacks against the west.  Hamas will ultimately use its connections with the U.S. as a ruse to enter the United States and push forward with its terrorist agenda.

While many were disenchanted with the Bush Doctrine, the Obama Doctrine is certainly a much scarier proposition. People may not have liked the fact that Bush  supposedly meddled in other countries affairs by pursuing endless wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. However, the crux of the Bush Doctrine centered around protecting America at home and abroad.

The Obama Doctrine may be opposed to pursuing wars as Bush did, but it surely has no proven strategy to keep America safe if it strives to understand the modus operandi of terrorist organizations like Hamas.

Legitimizing a terrorist organization that is responsible for the deaths and maiming of thousands of innocent men, women, and children, is a recipe for disaster that will backfire on the Obama Administration.