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Monday, May 31, 2010

Israel Self Defense on the Mavi Marmara

In a de ja vu moment which is so typical for the Middle East, Israel has been provoked once again by Palestinian activists to use force to defend themselves in order to spur an international  public relations incident.

This is what usually occurs. The Palestinians resort to violence. When Israel responds to defend the lives of its soldiers and citizenry, Israel is blamed improperly and unfairly  by the international community for causing the violence that was precipitated the Palestinians themselves.

Israel is now under fire for boarding a ship called the Mavi Marmara carrying Palestinian activists heading for the Gaza strip and killing at least ten people on board. The U.N. plans on holding a special session to condemn Israel. Ambassadors have been recalled to their home countries. Neighboring Turkey has issued a strong rebuke of the Israeli government.

Prime-Minister Netanyahu has canceled his visit to the White House to return to Israel to deal with the latest diplomatic upheaval plaguing Israel.

Unfortunately, as is typically the case, the criticism of Israel is unwarranted and misplaced.

Israel repeatedly asked the ship to dock in Ashdod where Israel would inspect the ship to determine if there was any security risks. If there were none, Israel would allow the materials on board to be transferred to the Gaza trip.

The so-called activists on the ship flatly refused Israel's offer and instead intended to transgress the blockade set up by the IDF to prevent weapons smuggling into Gaza.

Israel was left no choice but to board the ship. After all, there was no way of knowing whether this ship was backed by Al Qaeda or other terrorist organizations. The highest level of scrutiny is absolutely necessary especially since the ship did not heed Israel's offer to dock in Ashdod.

When Israel boarded the ship, the activists  responded with violence beating the Israeli soldiers with sticks. One Israeli soldier was stabbed in the stomach. Some The activists even stole  IDF guns and opened fire on the soldiers.

Israel simply had no other alternative but to respond and defend themselves which is exactly what they did.

The ship had  no business being in a  restricted zone in the first place.  They are squarely to blame for not cooperating with the Israeli navy and they are wholly responsible for precipitating the violence on board which led to the ten deaths.

Yet, it does not matter that the activists are fully responsible for the incident.  The activists know that they can cause violence and get away with it because the international community will always blame Israel and turn a blind eye to Palestinian violence.

We definitely live in an upside down world.

Below you can see more footage of the ship commandos attacking Israeli soldiers on board.


The Feinstein Disappointment

As President Obama prepares to welcome Israeli Prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu to the White House on Tuesday in an another attempt to repair strained relations with the Israeli leader, Senator Diane Feinstein (D-CA) is urging Obama to pressure Israel to stop so-called settlement activity in East Jerusalem.

Feinstein, who was not one of  the seventy six Senators who signed a letter urging President Obama to ease tensions with Israel in April, is now formulating a letter calling on the Obama Administration to ante up the pressure on the Israeli government.

It remains unclear whether Feinstein will be able to obtain co-signatories in an election year where Jewish support for the Obama Administration and the Democrat Party is at an all time low. Feinstein's letter would only add fuel to the fire.

In a letter to her constituents last month, Feinstein wrote "I have grave concerns about the expansion of Israeli settlements in East Jerusalem and the West Bank, and I believe that this issue is a major stumbling block to a peace agreement. In my view, settlement activity should be halted until an agreement is reached.”

The  indisputable fact remains that the Arabs vowed to destroy the State of  Israel and the Jewish people long before the 1967 war when Israel captured Jerusalem. There were homicide bombings which killed innocent Israelis long before Israel controlled Judea and Samaria.  The Arabs were even eager to kill Jews before Israel became a state.

Feinstein is unwilling to accept the reality that even if Israel stopped all so-called settlement activity tomorrow, the Palestinian Authority will never give up on their desire to rid the Middle East of the Jewish people.

Despite the fact the Prime-Minister Netanyahu instituted  a 10 month moratorium on so-called settlement activity in the West Bank  at Obama's urging which is due to expire soon, the Palestinian Authority has been very reluctant to pursue peace and never misses an opportunity to blame the stalemate on Israel without making any concessions of their own.

While the Palestinian Authority remains indifferent to the notion of peace, it should also be duly noted that they openly glorify terrorists, brainwash  their children to kill Jews, and form alliances with Hamas and other terrorist organizations operating in the Gaza region. 

Feinstein's views on Middle East peace are clearly not logical. She is either delusional or has succumbed to her radical leftist ideology which is hostile to the Jewish state.

Indeed, it is mind boggling that Feinstein has no qualms with the Palestinian Authority naming a square after a terrorist who murdered a dozen Israelis. Yet, she has a conniption when Israel builds bathrooms in a Jewish neighborhood in Jerusalem.

The senior Senator from California  is a big disappointment.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Obama Administration calls Jihad a legitimate struggle

Brennan who called Hezbollah "moderate" now says that Jihad is  legitimate tenet of Islam


Ed Koch on the offensive again

 [Ed. note: The following is an editorial written by the former Mayor of New York City Ed Koch]

Koch: Obama Speaks Softly And Carries No Stick At All

We are at war with radical Islam, and that war will go on for many years.

For me, the question is this: Will the secular Western civilization shared by America and Europe, which allows us to enjoy life and its creature comforts, still be standing at the end of that war? Or will radical Islam, with an aggressive culture that treasures martyrdom and death over life, prevail?

The vast majority of Muslims, of course, are peace-loving. The fanaticism found among the Wahhabists of Saudi Arabia is not found in many of the countries where a billion, 400 million Muslims live. Nevertheless, we know that radical Islamists want to convert us to their faith, either voluntarily or, if necessary, by force. Among the Islamist radicals there is a special hatred of Jews and Hindus and, to a lesser extent, of Christians. The hatred of Jews is such that some of the leaders of radical groups have called for the killing of Jewish civilians all over the world. For some, the Muslim rule is to permit Jews and Christians - as monotheists - to practice their religions, provided that they accept the supremacy of Islam and pay a poll tax - so described by Bernard Lewis, America's foremost scholar on Islam.

Mr. Lewis states: "This tolerance is limited to monotheists and recipients of what Islam recognizes as a revelation. It does not apply in any circumstance to those who are seen as polytheists and idolaters. For them the rule was indeed conversion or death, though the latter was rarely enforced and in the past was often commuted to enslavement. The Wahhabi demand, as far as I know, is not that Christians and Jews convert to Islam, but that they accept the supremacy of Islam and the rule of the Muslim state. On that condition, they may continue in the practice of their religion."

All this is by way of preface to a current controversy here in New York City concerning the construction of a mosque two blocks from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center site where near 3,000 people lost their lives in acts of terror perpetrated by 19 Muslim hijackers, 15 of whom were from Saudi Arabia, who deliberately flew two planes into the twin towers.

There are those who, understandably but nevertheless in error, object to the construction of this mosque, believing its presence would insult the memory of the victims of the terror. In my opinion, and I believe the opinion of many others, including the local community planning board and the local elected political leaders, it would sully the good name of the United States and New York City were the members of the mosque, which is permissible under existing zoning laws, prohibited from constructing it. While no one can be sure what activities will take place there, that is true of any religious institution. It also follows that none may violate the law with impunity.

What distinguishes the United States is our pluralism and tolerance for minority groups, religions of every persuasion and acceptance of the rights of those with policies and philosophies different than the prevailing views of the majority, provided they are non-violent and observe the law.

Having said that, and believing in our tolerance for others, I also believe we must be willing to defend our people and country against all attacks that are violent - tantamount to war - as well as those attacks that are unfair and intended to humble and denigrate our nation. It is infuriating to see Turkey, an actual NATO ally, and Brazil, a neighbor and trade partner here in the Western hemisphere, collude with Iran, which has said through its president that it wants the US to disappear and makes clear every day its enmity and threats directed at us and our ally, Israel. It is infuriating that North Korea threatens the world with its nuclear and missile arsenal and sinks a South Korean destroyer with a torpedo that an examining commission found to have North Korean markings, and no immediate military retaliatory action is taken, out of fear of consequences.

If Franklin Delano Roosevelt and the US Congress had failed to assist in the defense of Great Britain in its war with Germany, and Great Britain had gone down to defeat because early on we refused to become Great Britain's supplier of ships and other war materials out of fear of the consequences, we here in the US might be speaking German today instead of English. We would certainly no longer be the great and sovereign nation we are.

Have we lost the will to stand up to the bullies of the world? The administration points with pride to the fact that it is proceeding with sanctions against Iran at the Security Council and that it succeeded in bringing Russia and China to the point where they too have agreed to vote for sanctions. To accomplish this, however, the US had to agree to Russia's delivering arms to Iran, e.g., an anti-aircraft system that would be used to shoot down US and Israeli planes that might in the future seek to eliminate Iran's nuclear facilities. With respect to China and getting its consent to vote with us, we dropped sanction measures that would have crippled Iran's banking and financial institutions and prohibited the sale of gasoline to Iran, which has no conversion facilities, which would have devastated its economy.

Some will say that pointing out these failures of will is jingoistic. I believe these failures to stand up for allies and most importantly to stand up for ourselves is why we are taken less seriously by nations throughout the world than should be the case. When others fully respected us, we were able to keep the world at peace. We are losing that ability with each passing day, as we demonstrate our unwillingness to teach the bullies of the world the lessons they deserve.

Speak softly and carry a big stick, Teddy Roosevelt said. President Obama speaks apologetically and carries no stick at all. No wonder North Korea torpedoed that South Korean warship, something they would not have done in all probability if China had not quietly approved. No wonder Brazil and Turkey thumb their noses at us. We have become a laughingstock.


Sunday, May 23, 2010

Video of the day



Thursday, May 20, 2010

U.S. Adviser: Hezbollah is a Very Interesting Organization

Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, John Brennan, recently told a Washington conference that Hezbollah is a "very interesting organization." He made these remarks after returning from Lebanon where he met with Lebanese officials.

While at this conference, Brennan "praised" the so-called evolution of the terrorist organization when he stated that Hezbollah evolved from a "purely a terrorist organization to a militia to an organization that now has members within the parliament and the cabinet."

Brennan intends to work with the supposed moderate elements within Hezbollah not its extremist members.

We certainly have a serious problem on our hands when the Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism refers to a vicious terrorist organization as "very interesting" and also has adopted the canard perpetuated by Hezbollah that they are primarily a political organization.

Contrary to Brennan's glorified expectation of a 'moderate' Hezbollah,  the terrorist organization  is refilling its stockpile of weapons in blatant  violation of UN resolution 1701 in order to  position itself to launch new rocket attacks on Israel.

When Brennan travels to Lebanon to meet with the 'moderate' elements of Hezbollah, the other members of the organization will be getting the "last laugh" as they will be underground surreptitiously preparing their next attack.

Statements made by people like Brennan  have the certain power  to cause  a change in one's worldview.

What is the greatest threat to world security?

Are the terrorist organizations themselves the biggest threat or could the threat be a U.S. government that because of political correctness  is falling asleep at the wheel by refusing to recognize that terrorism is not synonymous with moderation. 

Mr. Brennan, Hezballah and its vast network spearheaded by the teachings of radical Islam, has only one goal and that is the destruction of both America and Israel. Moderation plays no part in that goal.

By referring to Hezbollah as 'moderate,' Brennan and others who share this viewpoint give these organizations legitimacy which is another weapon that they use in their war against America and Israel.

Finally Mr. Brennan, if you are not aware of  Hezbollah's true motives of destruction,  below is a short video of Hezbollah in action for your perusal.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Back off of Arizona

Ever since the Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer signed the state's Immigration Bill into law, Arizona has been under attack.

Neighboring states and cities have called for an outright boycott of Arizona.The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution 13-1 which will prevent the city from doing any business with Arizona. There even was   pressure on the LA Lakers to refuse to play the Phoenix Suns in the NBA playoff series. 

San Francisco is also considering boycotting Arizona and signing a similar resolution as the Los Angeles City Council. In fact, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger  weighed in against Arizona's Immigration law when he quipped at a commencement ceremony "I was also going to give a graduation speech in Arizona this weekend. But with my accent, I was afraid they would try to deport me."

Other cities, including Milwaukee, Austin, West Hollywood, Boston, Oakland, St. Paul, Washington, D.C., Boulder, and New York City are currently deciding whether to follow Los Angeles's lead and boycott Arizona as well. Bob Menendez, a Senator from New Jersey, is even calling on Major League Baseball to remove the 2011 All star game from Phoenix where it is now scheduled to take place.

Incredulously, Cardinal Roger Mahony of the Los Angeles Roman Catholic Archdiocese and Los Angeles city councilman Paul Koretz compared the Arizona law to the Nazi oppression during the Holocaust. Jewish groups are on record fiercely contesting such a comparison.

The  criticism leveled against Arizona is unwarranted.

Jan Brewer, like all Governors,  has a responsibility to protect her citizens from harmful actions by other individuals which is why she signed into law a Bill which is designed to address a growing problem of crime in Arizona committed by illegal aliens. In explaining her reasoning for signing the Bill, Brewer told Fox News "we've been inundated with criminal activity. It's just -- it's been outrageous."

According to the U.S. Department of Justice's National Drug Threat Assessment, there were 267 kidnappings committed by illegal aliens in Arizona in 2009 and 299 in 2008.  These are astounding numbers which do not take into account the number of murders and burglaries that are also committed by illegal aliens.

The boycott of Arizona could cost the city of Phoenix an estimated 90 million dollars in lost revenue over the next five years.

Los Angeles and other cities who are boycotting Arizona are overstepping their boundaries by penalizing a neighboring state for taking action to address a serious issue affecting its citizens.

Furthermore, American drivers of all national origins are already required to present their driver's license to a police officer making a traffic stop. Why should  an individual that is stopped legitimately by a police officer be exempt from showing documentation of  legal status like a driver's license or green card as all Americans are required to do so when summoned by a police officer?

This law does not sanction racial profiling nor does it encourage police officers to harass individuals because of their Hispanic heritage. Police officers are only permitted to ask individuals for their papers once they are already suspected of committing a crime non related to their suspected status of being an illegal alien. Only then can they be deported if 'reasonable suspicion' exists. The law was simply created for the nonracial purpose of eradicating a growing problem of crime committed by illegal aliens.

If the LAPD and the San Francisco Police Department  want to send their kidnapping units over to Arizona to help the Phoenix police crack down  on crime commited by illegal aliens, I am sure that Governor Brewer would support repealing the Immigration Bill.

Until then, everyone should back off of Arizona.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Republican Group: GOP will take over the House

In an exclusive interview with Kauffmans Commentary, the  Senior Administrator of the Young Republican Network Ira Geiger stated that the GOP will likely take over the House in the 2010 elections.

         YRN's Ira Geiger pictured with New Jersey's Lt. Governor

Geiger is less certain about the Republicans' chances of  gaining control of the U.S. Senate. At the current moment, Geiger believes that the Republican party has a 50% chance of regaining the Senate.

According to Geiger, the prospect of the GOP gaining control of the Senate all depends on whether the Republican Party can win Senate seats in New York, Connecticut,  California, and  possibly Wisconsin and Washington. Republican Senate candidates in Delaware, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Illinois, Arkansas, Nevada, and Colorado are all expected to win in November which means that the Republicans will pick up eight seats and would only need to win  at least three more seats to win back the U.S. Senate assuming that the Republicans can retain Florida and Ohio.

Ira Geiger also told Kauffmans Commentary that he believes young Republicans between the ages of 18 to 40 will have a greater influence in this year's election than in previous elections. "People have woken up. They took 2008 for granted," explained Geiger.  He also reported that he has received emails from Democrats who are now supporting Republican candidates which is a new phenomena.

Geiger has been active in Republican politics for many years and has worked on the former Maryland Governor Robert Ehrlich's gubernatorial campaign in 2006 and most recently on Chris Christie's successful gubernatorial campaign in New Jersey.

The Young Republican Network was originally  founded after the 2008 election. It currently serves as a grassroots website which reaches out to young professionals, students, entrepreneurs, and young business leaders informing them of the different Republican campaigns in the 2010 election cycle.

An estimated 25,000 people a day log onto the Young Republican Network's website to learn about the Republican candidates who are running in this year's election.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Holder can not say the word 'radical Islam'


Thursday, May 13, 2010

San Diego Muslim Student Wants a Second Holocaust

 Watch the Shocking Video


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Jewish Support for Obama Eroding


President Obama's assault on Israel is costing him votes in the Jewish community.

The McLaughlin Group recently conducted a Poll in the Jewish community asking the participants whether they would (a) vote for President Obama again or (b) whether they consider voting for someone else. 42% said they would vote for Obama and 46% said they would consider voting for someone else. 12% said they did not know or refused to answer.

A further breakdown on the poll results can be seen here.

This is a significant development  because the Jewish community has been loyal supporters of  Democrats and they are credited for helping Barack Obama become President in 2008. A whopping 78% of Jewish voters or perhaps more by some people's accounts voted for Obama.

If Obama loses Jewish support as this poll suggest he will, Obama will have a tough time getting re-elected in 2012.

Monday, May 10, 2010

To Freeze or not to Freeze

Ever since the recent fallout in U.S.-Israel relations over Israel's announcement that it would build 1,600 homes in East Jerusalem, Netanyahu and Obama have been going back and forth in sending mixed messages about whether there has been an agreement by the Israeli government to halt all East Jerusalem construction in order to appease both the Palestinians and Obama himself.

President Obama had insisted that Netanyahu cease all construction in East Jerusalem as a gesture to the Palestinians in order to start the Proximity Talks and as a means of repairing the much talked about rift in U.S.-Israel relations. 

In order to appease Obama and the Palestinians, the Associated Press reported towards the end of April that Netanyahu relented on his promise not to stop  building in East Jerusalem.

However, the Mayor of Jerusalem told the media during his visit to Washington a few weeks ago that building in East Jerusalem had not stopped.

Nevertheless, George Mitchell announced on Sunday that Israel agreed to a halt of all East Jerusalem Construction for a period of two years.

A day after Mitchell's euphoric announcement, Netanyahu adamantly told his Likud loyalists that there had been no agreement with the Americans to stop East Jerusalem construction and that construction in East Jerusalem would continue.

Someone is clearly dropping the ball here and playing diplomatic games.

One explanation for the  mixed messages is that Netanyahu has to cater to the opinions of the Israeli public and in particular the more hawkish wing of his coalition government which is overwhelmingly opposed to any halting of East Jerusalem Construction.  By Netanyahu making public statements in Israel which satisfies the more hawkish elements of the Israeli electorate while  privately telling Obama that he intends to stop East Jerusalem Construction, Netanyahu can stay on good terms with the Obama Administration and his own government.

On the other hand, George Mitchell and the Obama Administration have an interest in satisfying the Palestinians. It is thus also plausible that Mitchell is claiming that Netanyahu has agreed to halt East Jerusalem construction when in fact he has not.

Either way these conflicting statements about whether or not there has been a halting of East Jerusalem Construction, is counterproductive.

If Mitchell is going to make baseless statements claiming that Netanyahu has agreed to halt East Jerusalem Construction, Netanyahu will be forced to refute those claims to his own party in order to keep his government intact. There is no sensible outcome in causing an uproar in the Israeli political scene to score points with the Palestinians. Otherwise, Obama will be seen by many as the President who meddled in Israeli affairs which will have political consequences for the Obama Administration.

However, if Netanyahu is the one who is playing the diplomatic games and Mitchell has correctly stated that Netanyahu did agree to halt East Jerusalem Construction, Netanyahu will be viewed as being untrustworthy and not consistent.

Quite frankly, Netanyahu should set the record straight in both his public appearances and private conversations with the Americans that Israel will continue to build in Jerusalem regardless of any criticisms by the Obama Administration as Israel has an absolute right to build in its own capital city.

As long as these conflicting statements continue to make headlines, people are going to wonder who is telling the truth which is only bad politics for both Netanyahu and Obama.

Summer Battlefield 2010

According to a retired Major General in the U.S. Army, Israel should prepare for war this summer.  Maj. Gen. Paul Valleley warns in a video interview on of the possibility of preemptive strikes, chemical attacks, and tunnel incursions to be launched by Hezbollah in  Lebanon on Israel this summer. Hezbollah reportedly has scud missiles with a 450km range which could reach northern Israel and perhaps even Tel Aviv.

Four years after the Second Lebanon War which also occurred in the summer, it has been widely believed that Hezbollah is rearming for another conflict with Israel despite the fact that U.N. Resolution 1701 called for its disarmament.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Remembering Gilad Schalit



College Lacrosse Player Charged With First-Degree Murder

UVA College Lacrosse Player, George Huguely, is charged with killing his former girlfriend who also was a lacrosse player at the University of Virginia.  Huguely allegedly repeatedly banged his former girlfriend's head into the wall until she was found unconscious  in her dorm room with multiple blood forced trauma wounds.

Aside from focusing on this horrific act of domestic violence which can not be overlooked or underestimated, one has to ask why would a guy like Huguely do something like this if in fact he did as the evidence presently indicates? 

In the long run, for most sane people seeking college degrees and athletic careers, there is no incentive to killing. Huguely had everything going for him. He was a top lacrosse player at UVA and was scheduled to play in the upcoming championship NCAA series. Who knows where his athletic abilities would have taken him?  Now, he is headed for the slammer instead of the playing field. 

Certainly, this is not a  guy who was a delinquent or lived a life marred with turmoil or rebellion. Huguely was a very successful person and had a promising future. His neighbors in Bethesda, MD where he grew up described him as "a wonderful, charming, polite young man." No one should ever engage in violence no matter how difficult life may be. However, you would expect a juvenile delinquent who grew up with no parents to engage in violence  not a star lacrosse player like George Huguely.

This case highlights the fact that our children are not immune to engaging in acts of violence if their personal problems are not addressed properly. The truth be told, it is very rare that a person in George Huguely's position would kill his former girlfriend in such a horrific fashion.  But all it takes is one time for a person to snap and carry out the unthinkable. 

Apparently, Huguely had a drinking and anger problem.  He drunk the entire day before he killed his former girlfriend which is a recipe for disaster since he was distraught that he recently broke up with the girl that is now the victim in this case.  When you are in not in the right frame of mind, a person is capable of doing anything if he feels desperate or is under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. It does not matter if you are a Professor at Harvard Law School or a street gang member. The potential for violence is the same

Parents and mental health professionals should be forewarned. Regardless of whether your child comes from a healthy family, all it takes is one bad decision or one difficult situation and the child that you thought would never hurt anyone  faces years of incarceration.

The overriding lesson here is that if you suspect that your child has a problem or even yourself, get them help or seek professional help for yourself  immediately no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable it may be for you. The consequences of not doing  so may be far worse as in George Huguely's case.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

News Summary

Quick News Roundabout

1. Ahmadenijad in NY:  Sanctions Won't Stop Us
2.  John Bolton: Obama damages Israeli security
3.  Austria Backs Iran
4. Abbas calls the Israeli government 'Extremist'
5. Abbas illegally opens up offices in East Jerusalem

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Police Taser Phillies Fan

Philadelphia Police, on patrol last night at Citizens Bank Stadium where Major League Baseball's Philadelphia Phillies play, found themselves chasing seventeen year old Steven Consalvi who decided to run on the field in front of forty thousand  plus fans during the game.  This kid obviously thought it would be a fun gig to rouse the crowd and gain some notoriety which he clearly is getting. But, now this kid will have an unnecessary criminal record for the thrill of running on the field for thirty quick seconds.

The game was halted for the thirty seconds as the police ran in circles after the seventeen year old trying to tackle him to the ground. Finally, the police were able to apprehend the individual after one of the police officers tasered the seventeen year old on his back causing him to fall to the ground.

This incident has resurfaced the debate in the U.S. whether police officers should taser people in order to take them into custody (Remember "Don't Taser me Bro" when the police tasered a fellow during a speaking engagement by Sen. John Kerry).

Many people believe that the police did not have to taser the seventeen year old but rather could have tackled him to the ground. Philadelphia police have already concluded that the officer who tasered the kid did not use excessive force. 

My feeling is that as long as tasering is not deadly or does not cause serious bodily injury (some people say taser guns are deadly), the police should be able to use taser guns in accordance with proper police procedures. After all, it can be difficult to tackle a guy who is running in circles potentially delaying the game for an extended period of time.

The bottom line is that if you obey the law and do not do stupid things like seventeen year old Steven Consalvi, you do not have to worry about being tased in the first place.

Here are two  videos of the incident at Citizens Bank Stadium on Monday May 3rd, 2010.


Monday, May 3, 2010

News Summary

Your Quick News Roundabout 
1. President Obama considers abandoning Israel at the U.N.
2. Mahmoud Abbas will ask for the Jordan Valley, East Jerusalem in Proximity Talks.
3. President Obama threatens to impose a solution on Israel if proximity talks fail.
4. President Obama and Hosni Mubarak of Egypt work together to call for a Mideast nuclear free zone.
5. Obama Administration has been acting on behalf of the Palestinian Authority in negotiations.