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Sunday, January 31, 2010

David Axelrod criticizes Justice Alito

President Obama's Senior Adviser, David Axelrod, said he was not surprised by Justice Alito's response to Obama's criticism of the Supreme Court's recent decision that permits donations from corporations to political candidates essentially torpedoing campaign finance reform. Axelrod asserted that we have been accustomed to all kinds of "unusual outbursts." (Axelrod was also referring to Congressman Joe Wilson's "you lie" comment during Obama's last Congressional address) Because of this trend of "unusual outbursts," Axelrod maintains that it is no longer surprising when a politician reacts negatively to the President's speech.

Obama issued his criticism of the Supreme Court decision during his State of the Union Speech in the presence of the Supreme Court justices who were only a few yards away from him.

Obama stated:
"With all due deference to separation of powers, last week the Supreme Court reversed a century of law that I believe will open the floodgates for special interests –- including foreign corporations –- to spend without limit in our elections.  (Applause.)  I don't think American elections should be bankrolled by America's most powerful interests, or worse, by foreign entities.  (Applause.)  They should be decided by the American people.  And I'd urge Democrats and Republicans to pass a bill that helps to correct some of these problems."

Apparently, Justice Alito who disagreed with the President's analysis of the decision, mouthed the words "not true" and appeared to be visibly upset by Obama's reference to the decision. Justice Alito took issue with Obama's statement that foreign corporations will now be allowed to donate to political candidates in the U.S.

Of course, the media including David Axelrod, are only  focusing on Justice Alito's response to Obama's criticism of the Supreme Court decision.  Axerlod is incorrectly insinuating that Alito's response is an unusual outburst in the same category as Joe Wilson's "you lie" comment. The truth is that Alito probably was so shocked that a President would criticize a Supreme Court decision in his State of the Union Speech.  Even so, he merely shook his head and did not interrupt the President's speech like Wilson did. The two instances are not comparable.

Regardless of how you feel about Justice Alito or the Supreme Court decision,  it was completely unprofessional and downright condescending for President Obama to criticize a Supreme Court decision in the presence of Supreme Court Justices.  Talking about an "unusual outburst." It was most unusual and unprecedented for a President to engage in such a course of action in a State of Union Speech. No other President has ever done such a thing before and the media has the audacity to focus on Alito's response and largely ignore whether it was appropriate for a President to attack Supreme Court Justices in their presence.

President Obama should issue an apology to the Supreme Court Justices and take responsibility for his actions.

Body Scanners are Useless

Ever since there was word that airport security could begin using body scanners to detect explosives following the foiled Christmas day airplane bombing, I have written at least two posts arguing that body scanners will not in of itself be effective in preventing another attack simply because the terrorists will always find other creative measures to carry out their attacks. (See James Inhofe and NWA attack posts) What is needed is racial profiling as the main security measure.

Well, I think the terrorists have found more creative means to carry out their attacks and creative it is indeed.

Great Britain is reporting that their intelligence agencies have uncovered a plot by the terrorists to surgically implant the explosive PETN into their bodies.

Men would implant PETN into their appendix or buttocks and women would insert PETN into their breasts similar to implants.

How will they accomplish these surgical implants?  Experts explain that the terrorists will place the PETN into a plastic sachet and insert it into their body. Then they will close up the wound and over time the wound will heal as it does in any surgery.  Then, when the terrorists are ready to detonate the bomb, they will have a syringe filled with an explosive called TATP which they will inject into their skin triggering the sachet containing the PETN.

PETN can easily blow a large hole into an airplane.

Body scanners will be completely ineffective in detecting terrorists who have PETN sowed into their buttocks or breasts.

Racial profiling done by qualified security professionals will save the day.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

IDF Comes Home From Haiti

After receiving more than 1,100 patients in Haiti, 319 surgeries, and 16 births, the IDF has returned to Israel. However, they did not leave Haiti without distributing 30 tons of medical supplies, 1,150 blankets, 30 large tents, 500 mattresses, 200 sleeping bags, and kitchen equipment.

And one more thing the IDF did before leaving Haiti.

They brought a five year old Haitian boy with a congenital defect to Israel. The boy flew with the IDF back to Israel and the boy will undergo life saving heart surgery in Israel.

Here you can see the Haitian boy landing at Ben Gurion Airport in Tel Aviv.

The world continues to ignore Israel's extraordinary relief efforts in Haiti. Without Israel and the IDF field hospital that many other delegations relied on including the U.S., many more Haitians would have died from infections and other injuries sustained during the earthquake.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Earns a F

President Obama told Oprah Winfrey last December that he would give himself a solid B+ when asked how we would grade his own performance since becoming President in January of 2009.

Well, ahead of the President's State of the Union Address, a bipartisan commission has a different view of the President's performance and its not so generous.

The national WMD commission established by Congress has given the Obama Administration a juicy big solid F for its failure in protecting Americans from a biological, nuclear or chemical attack.

Former Democrat Senator Bob Graham and Chairman of the WMD Commission said "nearly a decade after 9/11, one year after our original report, and one month after the Christmas Day bombing attempt, the United States is failing to address several urgent threats, especially bio terrorism."

In addition, the Commission concluded that the administration "is simply not paying consistent and urgent attention to the means of responding quickly and effectively so that [WMD attacks] no longer constitute a threat of mass destruction."

Amazingly, there has been no effort by the administration thus far to coordinate a joint federal, state, and local operation to respond to a bio terror attack if it occurs.

We once again have business as usual in Washington. President Obama was one of many who accosted President Bush for running a poor humanitarian response in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Now, Obama is repeating the same pattern on a much larger scale in ignoring the necessity of a sophisticated government response to a bio terror attack.

This is very disturbing news. 

According to a secret intelligence dossier being reviewed by the U.S., Israeli, German, and Austrian governments, Iran may very well obtain a nuclear bomb by the end of this year. If that's the case, how could the U.S. government have no concrete plan to respond to a nuclear or chemical attack on the U.S. which could be the single most catastrophic event in U.S. history and perhaps human history?

It boggles the mind that terror is being unraveled right before the President's very eyes and he has chosen  either intentionally or unintentionally  to close them at the expense of the American people. He's concerned about passing his health care plan. But, what's going to be his "health care plan" when millions of Americans are struck by a bio terror attack with catastrophic injuries?

The President may think he has done a B+ job. But, he's in la la land if he thinks the American people are going to give him a B+ grade for falling a sleep at the wheel when it comes to protecting U.S. citizens from a nuclear, chemical or biological attack.

Monday, January 25, 2010

5 year old girl saves father's life


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Obama Administration Lifts Ban

The Obama Administration has decided to lift the ban  on the Muslim Brotherhood leader Tariq Ramadan.  Ramadan had previously been banned from entering the United States by the Bush Administration. At the time, President Bush's administration cited a statute that applies to those who have “endorsed or espoused” terrorism in revoking Ramadan's visa.

The Muslim Brotherhood is at the forefront of global Jihad as the parent organization of Hamas. Ramadan's radical Jihadist views were not compelling enough for the Obama Administration as the State Department no longer views Ramadan as a threat to the U.S.

Now, Ramadan will be freely allowed to enter the U.S. despite his extremist views.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Senator James Inhofe Under Fire

The radical Muslim group, CAIR, is calling on Senator Inhofe(R-OK) to explain why he is in favor of racial or ethnic profiling as a security measure when screening passengers at the airport. Inhofe proclaimed his support for racial profiling at a Senate hearing on Thursday investigating the Fort Hood shootings.

CAIR Executive Director Razi Hashmi, stated  in response to Inhofe's comments "It is disturbing to hear a member of the United States Senate suggest that entire religious and ethnic groups should automatically be considered terror suspects."

CAIR is an illegitimate organization which has been identified by the Justice Department as a terrorist conspirator. They should have absolutely no say in determining security procedures at army bases, U.S. airports, or anywhere else for that matter.

Nevertheless, the issue of racial profiling is a legitimate conversation. Ideally, we should not have to implement racial profiling. However, we are living in very dangerous times. Constitutionally, the U.S. government can take drastic measures if it has a compelling governmental interest which seems to exist by all objective accounts. Unless we racially profile, the current security procedures will be ineffective in stopping future terrorist attacks which will undoubtedly occur. If airport security had screened the Christmas Day underwear bomber as he is now called, he would not have made it on that Northwest Airlines flight. And, if airport security had racially profiled on Thursday, they would not have been concerned by the man who wore phylacteries when praying on his US Air flight.

The fact is that primarily all of the terrorists who implement attacks on flights are of Middle Eastern descent. As Inhofe stated, "you hear that not all Middle Easterners or Muslims between the age of 20 and 35 are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims or Middle Easterners between the age of 20 and 35, that's by and large true." 

No one can escape those statistics.

On the other hand, proper racial profiling would not automatically assume that every Muslim flying is a terrorist. Certainly, most Muslims who fly in the U.S. do not have ties to Al Qaeda.

With proper racial profiling, every person flying whether they are Muslim or not  would be scrutinized prior to checking in bags at the ticket counter and perhaps prior to boarding. However, people who are of Middle Eastern descent (mostly men within the age bracket) have to  be subjected to more extensive questioning because of the current trend to determine if they are a threat. Once the trained security guard determines that they are not a threat, they would be able to board with unfettered access. If they fit the characteristic of a terrorist (i.e. boarding an international flight with no bags after paying for the flight with cash), they would not be allowed to board the flight.

Its not rocket science and  its the only way to prevent terrorist attacks.

Safety must supersede all other constitutional interests.

Body scanners will not stop terrorist attacks on flights all together as the terrorists will always find other creative measures to carry out their attacks.

However, if we are on guard for suspicious behavior through the use of racial profiling, we have a much better chance of preventing another 9/11 or an event of similar proportions.

We fail to accept the use of racial profiling to our own detriment.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Change of Heart

Remember what Joe Biden said during his Vice-Presidential debate with Sarah Palin when he criticized President Bush's Middle East peace policies calling them an "abject failure. "

OCTOBER 2, 2008

Fast forward to January of 2010. Now that President Obama is sitting in the White House instead of being on the campaign trail, he is finally realizing after all that its not so easy bringing peace to the Middle East .  A year since taking office with little or no breakthrough in the Middle East Peace Process, Obama told Time Magazine, "I'll be honest with you, this is just really hard" when asked about the Middle East.

To be honest, that's not a new insight when many of  the President's predecessors have had to deal with the stalemate known as the Arab-Israeli conflict for years long before the Obama presidency. But, I am glad the President is catching up to reality.

The simple truth is that no matter how creative a President's Middle East policies may be, diplomacy is never going to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict.

As long as the Arab countries refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist in the Middle East in its current borders with Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of  Israel, a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict might as well be an empty  campaign promise.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Does this look like a bomb threat?

Apparently, passengers on a U.S. Air flight thought so. A man wearing phylacteries was construed by fellow passengers to be a bomb threat. The plane was quarantined for period of time and law enforcement quickly determined that the man was not a threat to the flight.

U.N. asks Israel to intervene

In an odd change of course, the U.N., which routinely bashes Israel and sides with the Arab nations who terrorize Israeli citizens and even their own people, asks Israel of all countries to send police to Haiti to help keep the peace since anarchy has become a major issue in that country since the earthquake. This is unbelievable.  What a story!

Are we seeing a revolution here?

Israel has been the victim of more U.N. condemnations than any other country in the history of the planet even when Israel is acting in accordance with international law.

Contrast the U.N-Israel relationship with the Arab countries who have been propped up by the U.N. for years and validated as the oppressed instead of the oppressors. Yet, in a time of crisis, its Israel that the U.N. reaches out to not the  the Arab countries who are nowhere to be found in Haiti.   (Saudi Arabia, a very wealthy country sitting on a ton of oil, has not even sent a dime to the people of Haiti let alone medical supplies or simple accessories that could be of huge benefit).

You would think that the U.N., who apparently is in love with the Arab nations, would ask Saudi Arabia to send some of their oil dollars over to Haiti.

Instead, who do they ask for intervention? They ask Israel, the Jewish state. The country that the U.N. hates the most.  Hmmmm 

Here are the statistics thus far of the IDF Field Hospital in Haiti:

1) 383 people, including many children, have been treated in the hospital
2) 140 life saving operations
3) Seven babies have been delivered

A closer look into the Israeli delegation:

-40 doctors, 25 nurses, paramedics, a pharmacy, a children's ward, a radiology department

-an intensive care unit, an emergency room, two operating rooms, a surgical department, an internal department and a maternity ward

-The hospital can treat approximately 500 patients each day, and in addition will perform preliminary surgeries

-A search-and-rescue team, which has rescued about five people from under the rubble

-220 personnel in total

-Dozens of truckloads of medical and logistical equipment

Is there any doubt that Israel is light onto the nations? Even the U.N. thinks so until the next resolution.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Obama's Advisers in Denial

President Obama's advisers are in obvious denial. Senior Adviser David Axelrod stated on MSNBC  that the voters choice of Scott Brown had nothing to do with disapproval of the President's policies. 

It had everything to do with rejecting President Obama's policies.   You have to have serious liberal discontent with the Democrats for the people of Massachusetts to vote in a Republican instead of their fellow Democrat.  To state otherwise, is ignoring reality. 

Just like the Republicans failed to answer their wake up call in 2006, we could be seeing a similar situation with the Democrats. History tends to repeat itself.

If Obama continues promoting his health care policies and massive spending initiatives in a time of economic downturn,  the Republicans will gain several seats in the House and in the Senate in November of 2010.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dems in trouble


 What was predicted has now been confirmed.

CNN as have many other networks now project that Scott P. Brown will be Massachussets's next U.S. Senator defeating the Democrat Martha Coakley.

This is huge news for several reasons:

1) Massachussets, arguably the most liberal state in the U.S., has not had a Republican Senator since 1972.

2) Despite the fact that Massachusetts is a haven for liberal ideology,  if the people have reason to be angry enough with their elected officials, they can shift allegiances if necessary to send a message to Washington.

If Massachusetts can make history by electing a Republican, so can other liberal states and conversely a conservative state can elect a liberal Senator. No state is immune. Ignoring the people has its limits.

3)  The Democrats have to be embarrassed that they could not win the seat for Ted Kennedy who was of the most popular Democrats  in the U.S. Senate. And, certainly the era of the "Kennedy dynasty" is officially over with the election of a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy's seat.

4) The Democrats rather dangerous health care plan, championed by Ted Kennedy, is in jeopardy because the Democrats may not have enough votes to pass the Bill  (they would loose their filibuster majority) once it comes back to the Senate after  being revoted on by the House.

The irony of it all is who ever thought the health care plan would have been defeated by the very man taking over for Ted Kennedy.

5)   Lastly, and most importantly, Barack Obama is not infallible. He can be defeated. His appeal that was so apparent when he was elected in 2008 is wearing thin. Obama's last minute desperate visit to Massachusetts on behalf of Martha Coakley proved ineffective.  Moreover, Obama is on a losing streak. He could not win the Governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey for the Democrats.

Many of the independent voters in Virginia who voted for Obama in 2008 voted for McDonnell, the Republican, for Governor of Virginia this time around.   Again, if the people are angry enough, not even Obama can do anything about it.

Instead of campaigning blindly for Democratic candidates, he should listen to the people first. The people clearly are saying with Brown's win in Massachusetts that they  disapprove of his health care plan that he wants to have thrown down the people's throats.

The take home conclusion here is the Democrats are in serious trouble. We will be seeing  many more Democrats get defeated this upcoming election. Massachussets is only the beginning. 

Mahmoud Abbas shows his true colors

In a speech on Sunday,  the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated that the only difference between his party Fatah and the PA's rival organization Hamas is that Fatah is in power. In speaking to his people, what Abbas was asserting is that it does not  matter which party you support or belong to(e.g. Hamas or Fatah), we  [ the Palestinians] are all united in eradicating Israel and even support the use of terrorist attacks on Israelis to accomplish that goal if necessary.

Abbas lauded the fact that Arab leaders have not made any concessions to Israel since May of 1988. He defended his decision to honor a Palestinian terrorist who murdered 37 Israelis including 10 children. And, he vowed to continue to hunt down Arabs who sell property to Jews. Many of these Arabs have been executed without a trial for selling property to Jews.

It has long been argued by many in the international community that Fatah led by Abbas is the moderate party in the Palestinian  territories. We heard this same argument about Yasser Arafat who supported peace in English while actively supporting homicide bombings in Arabic when the West was not looking.

Abbas, who has long history of supporting terrorist attacks against Israelis, is no different than Arafat.

He showed his true colors in this speech.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Israel ahead of the U.S. in Haiti


Sunday, January 17, 2010

IDF Field Hospital delivers first baby

IDF Field Hospital in Haiti delivered their first baby. The mother was so happy that she named the baby "Israel." Mother and baby are doing fine.



Saturday, January 16, 2010

Israel on the Scene in Haiti

Whenever there is a natural disaster in the world, Israel is always on the scene. With one of the largest international aid delegations on the ground in Haiti, Israel has set up the only makeshift hospital  in Haiti thus far to treat the victims.

In additon to the IDF rescue units, the Israeli organization ZAKA, known for responding to terrorist attacks in Israel within minutes of the attack, are also on the ground in Haiti.

Here are pictures and footage of ZAKA  and the IDF in action treating victims.

While ZAKA were involved in rescue operations,  a very moving story occurred. The ZAKA  crew had stopped rescuing temporarily  for Sabbath prayers. Donned with prayer shawls, the ZAKA crew prayed amidst corpses and  the stench of death and destruction. While they were praying, a group of Haitians gathered to watch these men pray. These Haitians thought that the ZAKA crew  were praying for a speedy recovery of the injured and in memory of the dead.  The locals were so moved by the ZAKA crew that they kissed their prayer shawls.

In all, ZAKA has rescued eight Haitians who were trapped in the wreckage.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update: Reid will not Resign

The debacle over Harry Reid's statement that President Obama could win the White House because he is "light-skinned with no Negro dialect" seems to be closed. Harry Reid is likely not to resign. Its no surprise that Reid will not resign. Politicians do not resign unless they are forced to resign. And, no one is pressuring Reid to resign. Not the NAACP, Not the Black Caucus, Not President Obama or any of Reid's fellow democrats in the U.S. Senate and very few Republicans have called for his resignation.

First Lady Michelle Obama even stated that Reid does not have to apologize to her because she "knows Harry Reid." The President excused Reid's statement because Reid is  a stalwart champion of voting rights and that "his inartful words" don't matter.  The President also went on to say that we should be focusing on more important issues like unemployment instead of bickering over what Reid said or didn't say.

Now, oddly enough, I agree with the President that ideally we should accept a man's apology and move on. That should be the rule of thumb.  But, that's not what the Democrats did to Trent Lott in 2002. His words were "inartful" and no one accepted his many apologies. (The Democrats did not even make Harry Reid go on BET like they did to Trent Lott)

You could say its in the past and lets look to the future.

But, I am afraid that we will be seeing more instances of the Great Double Standard in Washington for many years to come unless someone once and for all decides to every Republican and Democrat equally before the law of politics.

Until then, we will have to wait for Sue Lowden to hold Harry Reid accountable in 2010. 

Scott Brown: I am not running for Ted Kennedy's Seat


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Mayhem in Haiti


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Double Standard Continues

Nevada Senator John Ensign is telling fellow Republicans to lay off Harry Reid.

Did any prominent Democrat ever tell the Democrat party to lay off Trent Lott after he apologized in 2002? 

The double standard is alive and well in Washington.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Obama's naivete


George Mitchell opines that aid to Israel could be reduced

George Mitchell, Barack Obama's Envoy to the Middle East, caused a stir  in Israel this week when he  said on U.S. Television in an interview with Charlie Rose that the Obama Administration  could reduce military aid to Israel in an effort to extract more Israeli concessions to the Palestinians. Rarely do you ever hear an administration official suggest that aid to Palestinians could be reduced if they continue to support acts of terrorism against Israelis.

In the meantime, Senators Joe Lieberman and John McCain are in Israel to calm Israeli fears that U.S. aid to Israel might be cut. The Senators stated during their visit. that Congress would never approve any cut of U.S. loan guarantees to Israel.  Senators John Thume and John Barrasso seconded Lieberman's and McCain's reassurances stating that "any attempt to force Israel to negotiate by denying Israel’s support will not pass the U.S. Congress."

Double Standard

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), who now finds himself in a tight re-election campaign with poor poll numbers,  is also fighting a different battle of a whole other ballgame.  Reid in a tell all book about the 2008 presidential campaign  told author Mark Halperin  that then Senator Barack Obama is "light skinned with no Negro dialect."  Reid was under the impression that his rather offensive statement  about African- Americans and in particular Barack Obama would not be published in Halperin's new book which is set to be released soon. Well, Harry badly miscalculated. Reid was betting that his comment would go unnoticed. Well, the Atlantic Magazine somehow got word of Reid's comment and published it on their website.  OOPS.  Now, Reid who did not intend on apologizing for his comment,  was forced to apologize. He immediately called Obama to apologize. He reached out to Al Sharpton & Co. and phoned several fellow Senators. All has been forgiven with little fanfare.

Lets contrast this episode with another Senate Majority Leader. Remember Trent Lott?  Back in 2002, Trent Lott(R-MS), who was then the Republican Senate Majority Leader from Mississippi, praised Strom Thurmond at his 100th birthday party stating that if Thurmond had been elected President, we would not have had "all these problems."  Lott was trying to say something nice about a 100 yr. old Senator. Unfortunately, the comment backfired because Thurmond was a prominent segregationist and many people attributed Lott's comment about Thurmond to be his support for segregation. If you remember, the uproar over that statement could be heard from Washington all the way to California.  Lott ended up apologizing incessantly on numerous occasions. He even went on Black Entertainment Television to reach out to the Black community. It did not matter how much Lott apologized, it was not going to quell the calls for his resignation. The Black community was not satisfied with Lott's apologies and ultimately Lott had to resign as the Senate Majority Leader. 

Regardless of how you feel about whether Lott's or Reid's statements were racist in nature, there is a serious double standard in this country.  When a Republican makes an offensive comment about African-Americans and apologizes repeatedly, he is never forgiven and must suffer the political consequences of being forced to resign. However, when a Democrat makes a similar comment that offends African-Americans, he only has to apologize once or twice and gets off scotch free. We have not heard a peep from the Black Caucus or any prominent Democrat criticizing Harry Reid for making his offensive remark that he only apologized for because he got caught. Here,  a liberal radio host  calls for Trent Lott to resign back in 2002. Gdforbid the Democrat party should also call for Reid to resign. The only person at this point who is calling for Reid's resignation is Michael Steele of the RNC.  Not a surprise.

Instead of calling for Reid's resignation, Michael Steele and the RNC should file a claim in Federal District Court alleging a violation of the Equal Protection Clause of the U.S. Constitution although I doubt such a case would be ripe for review.   Nevertheless, that might be a better course of action. Otherwise, this double standard  of treating Republicans different from Democrats will continue indefinitely.

I wonder how many Democrats will praise KKK Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV) when he is no longer in office and get off the hook.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Uncommon Trespass

A man in Florida violated his probation by trespassing onto jail property; the very jail where he once resided. This man, Sylvester Jiles, had been in prison for committing a crime against a victim. He was released and then decided that he missed jail so much that he climbed over a 12 foot fence at the Brevard County Detention Center and begged jail officials to take him back. Apparently, he was a afraid of retribution from his victim's family members. Now, he may have gotten his wish as he faces up to 15 years for trespassing onto jail property.
Way to get back in jail Jiles!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Mohammad Assad: I want to kill all the Jews

A man of Middle Eastern descent from Toledo, Ohio caused a disturbance  on a Northwest Airlines flight from Miami to Detroit today  when he stated that he wanted to kill all the Jews. That flight turned back to the gate and Assad was arrested. The police are treating this as a criminal matter and have charged him with disorderly conduct among other charges. They claim that this incident is not linked to terrorism. 

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

China: No Iran Sanctions

Apparently, China's  cancelation of a world meeting to discuss how to deal with Iran allegedly because of scheduling problems was not a fluke after all. China is of the position that it is not the right time to debate at the U.N. whether Iran should be sanctioned for continuing its nuclear program despite empty demands by the international community that Iran terminate its nuclear program.

If now is not the right time, when will be the right time to stop Iran from obtaining a nuclear bomb?  The right time will be too late.

TSA Gone Too Far

We definitely need to be vigilant these days when flying. But, how far is too far? TSA at the  New Orleans Airport were so concerned that a boy who recieved play dough as a gift from his grandmother might be a terrorist. The threat that this boy might blow up a plane was so severe that TSA confiscated the play dough to the utter disbelief of the poor boy as you could imagine. 

This story is the epitome of what's wrong with the security system in the U. S. and it underscores the importance of racial profiling. How is that a terrorist can board a U.S. Airliner undetected but an innocent boy with play dough is targeted by TSA?  If security racially profiled, the terorist would have never been allowed to board that Northwest Airlines flight and this boy would be enjoying his play dough today. Instead, the complete opposite happened.


Saturday, January 2, 2010

Valuable Lessons from Ben Gurion Airport's Top-notch Security


Saudi FM: Israel is Acting Like a Spoiled Child

Guess who is weighing in on the Israeli-Palestinian peace process with some harsh words for the State of Israel. None other than the Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al-Faisal. This is a man who has a lot of credibility to criticize Israel. (that was supposed to be a joke by the way)  The Foreign Minister is calling Israel a "spoiled child" for building 700 new apartments in East Jerusalem in an area  which is the undivided capital of the State of Israel.

Mr. Al-Faisal, look who's calling the kettle black. If anyone in this conflict is a spoiled child, its the Arab world who occupies 22 countries in the Middle East (See the above map) and refuses to recognize the Jewish sovereignty of the State of Israel where Jews resided in the Land of Israel long before any of the Arab countries today ever existed. Moreover, the Arab world occupies vast stretches of land across the Middle East. Yet, the Arab world  is never satisfied with its own lot. Why are they not satisfied with occupying virtually the entire Middle East? Most entities would give away an arm and a limb to occupy the stretch of land that the Arab world occupies. The reason that they are not satisfied with possessing 22 Arab countries is because they  have not been successful in wiping a very small country about the size of New Jersey off the face of the map.  And, sadly, the temper tantrums of the Arab world will continue indefinitely because they will never be able to get their  hands on that one extra toy even though they have 22 much larger toys in their prized collection.

Now, you tell me Mr. Al-Faisal, who's the spoiled child?