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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Israel on the Scene in Haiti

Whenever there is a natural disaster in the world, Israel is always on the scene. With one of the largest international aid delegations on the ground in Haiti, Israel has set up the only makeshift hospital  in Haiti thus far to treat the victims.

In additon to the IDF rescue units, the Israeli organization ZAKA, known for responding to terrorist attacks in Israel within minutes of the attack, are also on the ground in Haiti.

Here are pictures and footage of ZAKA  and the IDF in action treating victims.

While ZAKA were involved in rescue operations,  a very moving story occurred. The ZAKA  crew had stopped rescuing temporarily  for Sabbath prayers. Donned with prayer shawls, the ZAKA crew prayed amidst corpses and  the stench of death and destruction. While they were praying, a group of Haitians gathered to watch these men pray. These Haitians thought that the ZAKA crew  were praying for a speedy recovery of the injured and in memory of the dead.  The locals were so moved by the ZAKA crew that they kissed their prayer shawls.

In all, ZAKA has rescued eight Haitians who were trapped in the wreckage.