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Friday, January 22, 2010

Change of Heart

Remember what Joe Biden said during his Vice-Presidential debate with Sarah Palin when he criticized President Bush's Middle East peace policies calling them an "abject failure. "

OCTOBER 2, 2008

Fast forward to January of 2010. Now that President Obama is sitting in the White House instead of being on the campaign trail, he is finally realizing after all that its not so easy bringing peace to the Middle East .  A year since taking office with little or no breakthrough in the Middle East Peace Process, Obama told Time Magazine, "I'll be honest with you, this is just really hard" when asked about the Middle East.

To be honest, that's not a new insight when many of  the President's predecessors have had to deal with the stalemate known as the Arab-Israeli conflict for years long before the Obama presidency. But, I am glad the President is catching up to reality.

The simple truth is that no matter how creative a President's Middle East policies may be, diplomacy is never going to solve the Arab-Israeli conflict.

As long as the Arab countries refuse to recognize Israel's right to exist in the Middle East in its current borders with Jerusalem as the undivided capital of the State of  Israel, a resolution to the Arab-Israeli conflict might as well be an empty  campaign promise.