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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Mahmoud Abbas shows his true colors

In a speech on Sunday,  the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas stated that the only difference between his party Fatah and the PA's rival organization Hamas is that Fatah is in power. In speaking to his people, what Abbas was asserting is that it does not  matter which party you support or belong to(e.g. Hamas or Fatah), we  [ the Palestinians] are all united in eradicating Israel and even support the use of terrorist attacks on Israelis to accomplish that goal if necessary.

Abbas lauded the fact that Arab leaders have not made any concessions to Israel since May of 1988. He defended his decision to honor a Palestinian terrorist who murdered 37 Israelis including 10 children. And, he vowed to continue to hunt down Arabs who sell property to Jews. Many of these Arabs have been executed without a trial for selling property to Jews.

It has long been argued by many in the international community that Fatah led by Abbas is the moderate party in the Palestinian  territories. We heard this same argument about Yasser Arafat who supported peace in English while actively supporting homicide bombings in Arabic when the West was not looking.

Abbas, who has long history of supporting terrorist attacks against Israelis, is no different than Arafat.

He showed his true colors in this speech.