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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Update: Reid will not Resign

The debacle over Harry Reid's statement that President Obama could win the White House because he is "light-skinned with no Negro dialect" seems to be closed. Harry Reid is likely not to resign. Its no surprise that Reid will not resign. Politicians do not resign unless they are forced to resign. And, no one is pressuring Reid to resign. Not the NAACP, Not the Black Caucus, Not President Obama or any of Reid's fellow democrats in the U.S. Senate and very few Republicans have called for his resignation.

First Lady Michelle Obama even stated that Reid does not have to apologize to her because she "knows Harry Reid." The President excused Reid's statement because Reid is  a stalwart champion of voting rights and that "his inartful words" don't matter.  The President also went on to say that we should be focusing on more important issues like unemployment instead of bickering over what Reid said or didn't say.

Now, oddly enough, I agree with the President that ideally we should accept a man's apology and move on. That should be the rule of thumb.  But, that's not what the Democrats did to Trent Lott in 2002. His words were "inartful" and no one accepted his many apologies. (The Democrats did not even make Harry Reid go on BET like they did to Trent Lott)

You could say its in the past and lets look to the future.

But, I am afraid that we will be seeing more instances of the Great Double Standard in Washington for many years to come unless someone once and for all decides to every Republican and Democrat equally before the law of politics.

Until then, we will have to wait for Sue Lowden to hold Harry Reid accountable in 2010.