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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Obama Earns a F

President Obama told Oprah Winfrey last December that he would give himself a solid B+ when asked how we would grade his own performance since becoming President in January of 2009.

Well, ahead of the President's State of the Union Address, a bipartisan commission has a different view of the President's performance and its not so generous.

The national WMD commission established by Congress has given the Obama Administration a juicy big solid F for its failure in protecting Americans from a biological, nuclear or chemical attack.

Former Democrat Senator Bob Graham and Chairman of the WMD Commission said "nearly a decade after 9/11, one year after our original report, and one month after the Christmas Day bombing attempt, the United States is failing to address several urgent threats, especially bio terrorism."

In addition, the Commission concluded that the administration "is simply not paying consistent and urgent attention to the means of responding quickly and effectively so that [WMD attacks] no longer constitute a threat of mass destruction."

Amazingly, there has been no effort by the administration thus far to coordinate a joint federal, state, and local operation to respond to a bio terror attack if it occurs.

We once again have business as usual in Washington. President Obama was one of many who accosted President Bush for running a poor humanitarian response in the wake of hurricane Katrina. Now, Obama is repeating the same pattern on a much larger scale in ignoring the necessity of a sophisticated government response to a bio terror attack.

This is very disturbing news. 

According to a secret intelligence dossier being reviewed by the U.S., Israeli, German, and Austrian governments, Iran may very well obtain a nuclear bomb by the end of this year. If that's the case, how could the U.S. government have no concrete plan to respond to a nuclear or chemical attack on the U.S. which could be the single most catastrophic event in U.S. history and perhaps human history?

It boggles the mind that terror is being unraveled right before the President's very eyes and he has chosen  either intentionally or unintentionally  to close them at the expense of the American people. He's concerned about passing his health care plan. But, what's going to be his "health care plan" when millions of Americans are struck by a bio terror attack with catastrophic injuries?

The President may think he has done a B+ job. But, he's in la la land if he thinks the American people are going to give him a B+ grade for falling a sleep at the wheel when it comes to protecting U.S. citizens from a nuclear, chemical or biological attack.