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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dems in trouble


 What was predicted has now been confirmed.

CNN as have many other networks now project that Scott P. Brown will be Massachussets's next U.S. Senator defeating the Democrat Martha Coakley.

This is huge news for several reasons:

1) Massachussets, arguably the most liberal state in the U.S., has not had a Republican Senator since 1972.

2) Despite the fact that Massachusetts is a haven for liberal ideology,  if the people have reason to be angry enough with their elected officials, they can shift allegiances if necessary to send a message to Washington.

If Massachusetts can make history by electing a Republican, so can other liberal states and conversely a conservative state can elect a liberal Senator. No state is immune. Ignoring the people has its limits.

3)  The Democrats have to be embarrassed that they could not win the seat for Ted Kennedy who was of the most popular Democrats  in the U.S. Senate. And, certainly the era of the "Kennedy dynasty" is officially over with the election of a Republican to fill Ted Kennedy's seat.

4) The Democrats rather dangerous health care plan, championed by Ted Kennedy, is in jeopardy because the Democrats may not have enough votes to pass the Bill  (they would loose their filibuster majority) once it comes back to the Senate after  being revoted on by the House.

The irony of it all is who ever thought the health care plan would have been defeated by the very man taking over for Ted Kennedy.

5)   Lastly, and most importantly, Barack Obama is not infallible. He can be defeated. His appeal that was so apparent when he was elected in 2008 is wearing thin. Obama's last minute desperate visit to Massachusetts on behalf of Martha Coakley proved ineffective.  Moreover, Obama is on a losing streak. He could not win the Governor's races in Virginia and New Jersey for the Democrats.

Many of the independent voters in Virginia who voted for Obama in 2008 voted for McDonnell, the Republican, for Governor of Virginia this time around.   Again, if the people are angry enough, not even Obama can do anything about it.

Instead of campaigning blindly for Democratic candidates, he should listen to the people first. The people clearly are saying with Brown's win in Massachusetts that they  disapprove of his health care plan that he wants to have thrown down the people's throats.

The take home conclusion here is the Democrats are in serious trouble. We will be seeing  many more Democrats get defeated this upcoming election. Massachussets is only the beginning.