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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Body Scanners are Useless

Ever since there was word that airport security could begin using body scanners to detect explosives following the foiled Christmas day airplane bombing, I have written at least two posts arguing that body scanners will not in of itself be effective in preventing another attack simply because the terrorists will always find other creative measures to carry out their attacks. (See James Inhofe and NWA attack posts) What is needed is racial profiling as the main security measure.

Well, I think the terrorists have found more creative means to carry out their attacks and creative it is indeed.

Great Britain is reporting that their intelligence agencies have uncovered a plot by the terrorists to surgically implant the explosive PETN into their bodies.

Men would implant PETN into their appendix or buttocks and women would insert PETN into their breasts similar to implants.

How will they accomplish these surgical implants?  Experts explain that the terrorists will place the PETN into a plastic sachet and insert it into their body. Then they will close up the wound and over time the wound will heal as it does in any surgery.  Then, when the terrorists are ready to detonate the bomb, they will have a syringe filled with an explosive called TATP which they will inject into their skin triggering the sachet containing the PETN.

PETN can easily blow a large hole into an airplane.

Body scanners will be completely ineffective in detecting terrorists who have PETN sowed into their buttocks or breasts.

Racial profiling done by qualified security professionals will save the day.