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Thursday, January 21, 2010

U.N. asks Israel to intervene

In an odd change of course, the U.N., which routinely bashes Israel and sides with the Arab nations who terrorize Israeli citizens and even their own people, asks Israel of all countries to send police to Haiti to help keep the peace since anarchy has become a major issue in that country since the earthquake. This is unbelievable.  What a story!

Are we seeing a revolution here?

Israel has been the victim of more U.N. condemnations than any other country in the history of the planet even when Israel is acting in accordance with international law.

Contrast the U.N-Israel relationship with the Arab countries who have been propped up by the U.N. for years and validated as the oppressed instead of the oppressors. Yet, in a time of crisis, its Israel that the U.N. reaches out to not the  the Arab countries who are nowhere to be found in Haiti.   (Saudi Arabia, a very wealthy country sitting on a ton of oil, has not even sent a dime to the people of Haiti let alone medical supplies or simple accessories that could be of huge benefit).

You would think that the U.N., who apparently is in love with the Arab nations, would ask Saudi Arabia to send some of their oil dollars over to Haiti.

Instead, who do they ask for intervention? They ask Israel, the Jewish state. The country that the U.N. hates the most.  Hmmmm 

Here are the statistics thus far of the IDF Field Hospital in Haiti:

1) 383 people, including many children, have been treated in the hospital
2) 140 life saving operations
3) Seven babies have been delivered

A closer look into the Israeli delegation:

-40 doctors, 25 nurses, paramedics, a pharmacy, a children's ward, a radiology department

-an intensive care unit, an emergency room, two operating rooms, a surgical department, an internal department and a maternity ward

-The hospital can treat approximately 500 patients each day, and in addition will perform preliminary surgeries

-A search-and-rescue team, which has rescued about five people from under the rubble

-220 personnel in total

-Dozens of truckloads of medical and logistical equipment

Is there any doubt that Israel is light onto the nations? Even the U.N. thinks so until the next resolution.


YankelBrooklyn said...

Unbelievable! Their chutzpah knows no bounds!!