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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sarah Palin On The Offensive

With just a few days before voting begins on November 2nd that could potentially bolster Republicans to power once again in the U.S. House of Representatives and U.S. Senate, a new and fresh controversy is brewing in Alaska which involves none other than Sarah Palin.

The Republican Senatorial candidate Joe Miller is in a tight race with the  current Republican turned Independent Senator Lisa Murkowski. (Murkowsi lost to Joel Miller in the Republican Primaries and became an Independent to run in the General Election).

Miller has leveled a charge against the CBS affiliate in the Anchorage Alaska area  KTVA asserting that the CBS affiliate was attempting to concoct a falsified story in order to bring down the Miller campaign only days before the midterm November elections.

Apparently, a CBS staffer called Miller's spokesman to schedule an interview. Miller's spokesman did not answer and the call went to voicemail.  Instead of ending the call,  the CBS staffer was accidentally overheard talking to another staffer about possible stories that could derail the Miller campaign. The spokesman's voicemail recorded the conversation. In the recorded conversation, one staffer  is heard clearly telling the other staffer to get a list of Miller's campaign volunteers to see which one is a child molester.

KTVA is denying that there ever was an attempt to create a nonexistent story which could cause Miller to loose the election on November 2nd. The News Director of KTVA claimed that the staffers were merely discussing possible stories about the Miller campaign.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin is not buying KTVA's explanation and neither is Joe Miller.

Palin added some more flames to the controversy going on  Fox News today with Chris Wallace blasting the media calling them "corrupt bastards" as she sees a double standard in the media in its bias towards Republican candidates.

What do you think about this story?  Is Sarah Palin right in calling the media "corrupt bastards?" Does this story indicate a double standard in the media in being biased toward Republican candidates?

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