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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Note From The Editor

Hi Fans of Kauffmans Commentary:

You may be wondering why I haven't posted in a long time. The truth is that I have been very busy lately. But, the even larger truth is that I discovered that not many people have been visiting my site. Because only a handful of people per day logged onto Kauffmans Commentary, I decided to discontinue the blog.

However, I have decided to resume writing for the blog on a temporary and limited basis to ascertain whether there is new interest in Kauffmans Commentary.

If you gain insight into Kauffmans Commentary and appreciate the views expressed in this blog, then it is imperative that you spread the word about Kauffmans Commentary and encourage your friends and family to visit the site.

Thank you to everyone for your understanding.

Editor of Kauffmans Commentary


MissTammy said...

Thrilled to have you back. I especially count on you for news and info regarding Israel, so please keep up your excellent work!

I'll spread the word!