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Thursday, May 6, 2010

College Lacrosse Player Charged With First-Degree Murder

UVA College Lacrosse Player, George Huguely, is charged with killing his former girlfriend who also was a lacrosse player at the University of Virginia.  Huguely allegedly repeatedly banged his former girlfriend's head into the wall until she was found unconscious  in her dorm room with multiple blood forced trauma wounds.

Aside from focusing on this horrific act of domestic violence which can not be overlooked or underestimated, one has to ask why would a guy like Huguely do something like this if in fact he did as the evidence presently indicates? 

In the long run, for most sane people seeking college degrees and athletic careers, there is no incentive to killing. Huguely had everything going for him. He was a top lacrosse player at UVA and was scheduled to play in the upcoming championship NCAA series. Who knows where his athletic abilities would have taken him?  Now, he is headed for the slammer instead of the playing field. 

Certainly, this is not a  guy who was a delinquent or lived a life marred with turmoil or rebellion. Huguely was a very successful person and had a promising future. His neighbors in Bethesda, MD where he grew up described him as "a wonderful, charming, polite young man." No one should ever engage in violence no matter how difficult life may be. However, you would expect a juvenile delinquent who grew up with no parents to engage in violence  not a star lacrosse player like George Huguely.

This case highlights the fact that our children are not immune to engaging in acts of violence if their personal problems are not addressed properly. The truth be told, it is very rare that a person in George Huguely's position would kill his former girlfriend in such a horrific fashion.  But all it takes is one time for a person to snap and carry out the unthinkable. 

Apparently, Huguely had a drinking and anger problem.  He drunk the entire day before he killed his former girlfriend which is a recipe for disaster since he was distraught that he recently broke up with the girl that is now the victim in this case.  When you are in not in the right frame of mind, a person is capable of doing anything if he feels desperate or is under the influence of narcotics or alcohol. It does not matter if you are a Professor at Harvard Law School or a street gang member. The potential for violence is the same

Parents and mental health professionals should be forewarned. Regardless of whether your child comes from a healthy family, all it takes is one bad decision or one difficult situation and the child that you thought would never hurt anyone  faces years of incarceration.

The overriding lesson here is that if you suspect that your child has a problem or even yourself, get them help or seek professional help for yourself  immediately no matter how embarrassing or uncomfortable it may be for you. The consequences of not doing  so may be far worse as in George Huguely's case.