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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Memo To The United Nations


If you want to take a break in criticizing Israel and branding the Jewish State as a pariah country and a human rights violator even when you have no evidence to support your anti-Israel viewpoints, I found the perfect place where you can turn your human rights supporting energies while you rest up before returning your attention to Israel.

Where is that perfect place?

The USA? Nope think again.

England? Nope think again.

Australia? Nope think again.

Can't think of another place that has human rights violations other than Israel and the United States?

Well let me give you a little help.


 A Tehran court has ruled that a 25 year old woman convicted of adultery (who knows whether in fact this woman even committed adultery)  will be put to death by stoning. The Judge  shockingly decided to stone  Maryam Ghorbanzadeh despite the fact that she is pregnant.  Her attorney claims that Maryam will not be put to death until after she delivers. Whether or not Iran will have mercy on a pregnant woman remains to be seen. Since the ruling, Iran has made it clear that it will not stone Ghorbanzadeh but she could still be killed by other means.

Chances are not good that Ghorbanzadeh will escape death before she delivers if an Iranian Judge was sadistic enough to sentence a pregnant woman to stoning for supposedly committing adultery. Even if she escapes death until after delivery, a baby boy or  girl will most likely grow up without a mother because of a cruel and inhumane Iranian judicial system.

Ghorbanzadeh is one of many Iranian women  who have been sentenced to death or lashes for committing the crime of adultery. Iran's judicial system is so heavily  slanted in favor of  the husbands of these women that it purposefully ignores any evidence which debunks fallacious claims of adultery.  The courts in Iran accept the accusations of Iranian men that their wives have had extramarital affairs with alacrity which means that if an Iranian man wants his wife dead; all he has to do is accuse her of adultery.

Iranian women are not on the same power chain to accuse their husbands of adultery and have any expectation of being heard in Court as it is acceptable for Iranian men to have more wives and not for Iranian women to have relations with other men.

For example, 19 year old Azhar Bakri was sentenced to death because her husband accused her of having an extramarital affair. Bakri married her husband when she was only 14.  Unfortunately, Bakri has suffered unbearable abuse by the guards while in prison as she awaits her death by stoning.

Iran is a country that is replete with egregious human rights violations of the worst kind on a daily basis. The leadership has no qualms about forcing their people to accept its radical Jihadist ideology through violence.  It is a totalitarian brutal dictatorship stuck  in an incomprehensible mindset that follows rigid constricted Islamic rules that have no place in the 21st century.

To stone a pregnant woman or any woman for that matter for committing adultery (most of the time there is no evidence of adultery) in a modern day era is an outrageous miscarriage of justice and a gross encroachment of international law and human rights.

 It would therefore behoove the United Nations and its purported human rights partners to focus its wrath on the real source of human rights violations and horrific acts of violence against women in Iran.

Somehow my hunch tells me that the United Nations will continue to fall asleep at the wheel.

However, at least I gave the United Nations with an opportunity to shift gears if it gets tired in condemning Israel for building homes in East Jerusalem.