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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Obama calls Republicans 'enemies'

Remember when Obama was above the fray...........

Not anymore. President Obama has become just like the Washington that he vowed to change when running for President in 2008.

On a  Hispanic radio station, Obama urged Latinos to vote Democrat in order to prevail over our 'enemies' meaning to prevail over 'Republican enemies.' He later admitted that calling Republicans enemies was a poor choice of words.

If you thought calling Republicans enemies was over the top, Obama gave a speech recently at a political event and told the crowd that Republicans can join Democrats if they like but they have to "get in the back seat."

Could you imagine if a Republican during the 2008 campaign told Obama to "get in the back seat?" There would be massive protests and total mayhem.

Not so with Obama. He gets a free pass. At least though we can now say that Obama is not above the political rhetoric that has plagued Washington for years. He is now part of the problem.


MissTammy said...

See, this is what drives me THE MOST INSANE about him.

The President of the united States of America should NOT be talking like this!

Welcome back!