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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Bleak future for the dems

Here is a tentative  list of the top Democrats so far not running in the 2010 elections

1) Sen. Chris Dodd of Connecticut
2) Sen. Byron Dorgan of North Dakota
3) Sen. Roland Burris of Illinois ( Well he did not have much of a shot anyway)
4) Arkansas Congressman Marion Berry
5)Arkansas Rep. Vic Snyder
6) Rep. Bart Gordon of Tennessee
7)Rep. Dennis Moore of Kansas
8)Rep. John Tanner of Tenessee
9)Rep. Brian Baird of Washington
10)Sen. Ted Kaufman of Delaware
11)And, now Sen. Evan Bayh of Indiana

And for all of the resignations, there are several Democrats who are running like Sen. Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas who are in danger of losing their seats to Republicans.

2010 is not looking like it will be a good year for the Democrats. The Republicans surely know what its like to not have a good year after President Obama was elected in 2008. But 2010 may end up being a recovery year for the Republicans.


haiku malaysia said...

It seems you've really done the research....What do you think will happen?