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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Child gives birth to a child

 A 11 year old girl in the Northeastern part of the U.S. gives birth to a baby girl. She became pregnant at age ten allegedly from her boyfriend. This is unbelievable. How can a child have the physical capacity to have sex at age ten and give birth to a child at age 11? What are the psychological ramifications of a young girl, who has not even reached her teenage years, facing the daunting task of raising a child when she is a child herself?   Two doctors discuss the underlying issues on Fox News seen below.

What I want to know which no one is discussing is how could this 11 year old girl's parents allow their daughter to be in a situation where she could have sex and become pregnant?  Now maybe this was just an accident and nothing could have stopped this 11 yr. old girl from becoming pregnant at age ten. But there seems to more to the story. Did not anyone foresee the danger looming ahead of  a 10 yr. old having a boyfriend which could lead to a sexual encounter?

Unfortunately, this girl is going to have to deal with some very difficult issues that no 11 yr. old person should have to experience. This girl will have to forgo her formative years because someone did not have the foresight to intervene and save this girl from unnecessary anguish at an early age.