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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Hamas Finds Safe Haven in Britain

Right beneath the eyes of the European Union, Hamas has become a major force in England over the last ten years according to the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center.  Hamas is said to be behind the threats by British officials to arrest Israeli political leaders if they deplane in Britain.

Britain issued an arrest warrant for Opposition Kadima Leader Tzipi Livni's arrest last December and General Almog of the IDF was told that he may be arrested if he disembarked from his plane in England in 2005.

England has allowed Hamas to take over the British political, legal system to spread their radical anti-Israel ideology despite the fact that the E.U. has put them on a terrorism list which clearly has had no effect in stopping Hamas from manipulating the British to issue arrest warrants for Israeli leaders.

The report by the Intelligence and Terrorism Information Center explains that Hamas has been  largely successful in promoting their vitriolic rhetoric because they have been able to take advantage of  Britain's open democracy, including using the Arab media in the UK, to spew its propaganda across the British spectrum.

Unfortunately, British democracy  has given Hamas free reign without questioning whether a democracy should be so expanisve that it can allow a terrorist organization to promote hate and violence . The courts in Britain have even opened up their courtrooms to suits by Hamas against the Israeli leaders showing great tolerance for the terrorist organization.

This same openness for Hamas and other terrorist organizations exists all over Europe and even in the U.S.

While free speech is definitely an integral and welcomed aspect of democracy and should be permitted under most circumstances, it can also lead to the downfall of a nation if the right to free speech is not curtailed to protect the security and well being of its citizens.

Clearly, permitting Hamas to hijack British democracy to  indoctrinate the free world with its hate and violence exceeds the boundaries of accepted free speech and will undoubtedly lead to the downfall of England and the rest of the westernized world unless Hamas's nefarious plans are thwarted.


TexHardigan said...

I had no idea this was occurring. We need to do something about this.....and fast!

sydney austin said...

Is this for real!??