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Friday, March 12, 2010

American People: Obama Makes Us Less Safe

A new Newsmax/Zogby Poll fresh off the hot press has a startling discovery which is more bad news for the Obama Administration. The Newsmax/Zogby Poll found that a sizable amount of the American people do not believe that President Obama is doing a good job in keeping the American people safe.

The poll asked participants: "Do you believe Barack Obama’s policies have made America more or less safe against terrorism?"

Here is the breakdown of the results:

  • Much more safe, 16 percent
  • Somewhat more safe, 20 percent
  • Somewhat less safe, 11 percent
  • Much less safe, 35 percent
  • No difference, 16 percent
  • Not sure, 3 percent



USArocks said...

I don't he's made us safe in the slightest bit.

MissTammy said...

They didn't have a category strong enough to express how I feel about this man's complete lack of interest in keeping us safe from terrorism.