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Thursday, March 25, 2010

The U.S.-Israel Crisis Continues

Instead of attempting to rehabilitate the strained U.S.-Israel relationship, President Obama accelerated the crisis between Israel and the U.S. by treating the visiting Prime-minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a pariah leader worthy of scorn and banishment from the community of nations.  (See "Obama Disrespects Netanyahu Again")  (See also Netanyahu humiliated by Obama after he "dumped him for dinner")

Despite the fact that the mainstream media refuses to criticize President Obama for treating Netanyahu in such a disgraceful manner, the seriousness of Obama's actions is no light manner.

Many people do not realize how much Obama has destroyed the prospect for world peace by his decision to shun Netanyahu.

While meeting with Netanyahu, Obama reportedly threatened Israel with a Presidential notice of U.S. condemnation and a threat to frame Israel as the party that is responsible for the failure of the proximity talks if Netanyahu did not cede to demands to stop all East Jerusalem construction.

The Arab nations are in their glory because they can simultaneously watch Obama take Israel down to the ground for building homes for its citizens without any repercussions for their own lack of  desire to make peace.

So far, Netanyahu has stood firm in the wake of unreasonable American pressure.

In reality, Obama is the party who is responsible for the delay of the proximity talks. More significantly,  he is responsible for enhancing the likelihood of further confrontation with terrorist supporting regimes which is contrary to comprehensive peace.

By Obama spending so much energy with his intransigent recalcitrant attitude towards Israel in refusing to compromise not even one inch on Israel's building policies, the President sends a devastating message to the Arab world and the international community.

The message is the following:

1)  The incitement of Palestinians to kill Jews is acceptable and not worth shunning Mahmoud Abbas over when he comes to Washington. ( Obama has no problem welcoming Mahmoud Abbas warmly to the White House)

2)  The denial of Israel's right to exist in the PLO charter is not a central issue in the peace process worth fighting over.

3)  The Palestinian Authority- Hamas alliance which seeks Israel's destruction is not at all of concern.

4)  The naming of a square in the Palestinian territories by the Palestinian Authority after a terrorist who murdered 37 Israelis is  understandable and insignificant for a chill in U.S.-Palestinian relations.

5)  Compromising with Iran, North Korea, Syria, Venezuela, and every other despotic regime is a necessary diplomatic approach while isolating Israel is also a necessary diplomatic strategy.

This message is reverberating across the Middle East and only encourages the terrorist proxies in the Palestinian territories and beyond to continue denying Israel's right to exist, to continue promoting the murder of Jews, to continue their glorification of terrorists because there will be no shunning of the Palestinian Authority from the Obama Administration but only approval and support.

If President Obama thinks the policy of delegitimizing Israel will work to facilitate peace in the region, he is badly mistaken. 

And, for his sake, he should lay low because his continual "hazing" of the Israeli Prime-minister as some people are calling it,  will ultimately backfire on him in the 2010 and 2012 elections. There is some data to demonstrate that his support in the Jewish community may in fact be eroding.

If I were a member of Congress, I would call on the President to stop his "Isolate Israel" policy or risk further instability in the Middle East.

If I were a Democrat in Congress, I would call on the President to stop his "Isolate Israel" policy or risk losing seats in the House and Senate in 2010 and perhaps the Presidency in 2012.


MissTammy said...

It's almost as if he spent the last 20 years listening to anti-Semitic sermons or something, huh??