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Sunday, March 14, 2010

U.S. Fuels Arab Propaganda

The criticism of Israel is unrelenting and keeps on coming from every angle in the Obama White House.

After Hilary Clinton's stinging rebuke of the Jewish State which followed Joe Biden's strong criticism, David Axelrod got on the bash-Israel bandwagon today calling Israel's actions an "affront" and an insult" and "very destructive." He further stated  that Israel's actions "undermined this very fragile effort to bring peace to that region."

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs  characterized Netanyahu's expression of regret as being "a good start" but expressed that that President Obama expected Netanyahu to make more concessions to the U.S. in order to placate the Obama Administration. (When has Abbas ever apologized for actively supporting the mass murder of Jews? Maybe a good start for Abbas would be to apologize for attempting to name a squarre after an avowed terrorist roughly at the same time Biden visited the region.)

Now,  Egypt is riding the waves of America's unusual strong criticism of the Jewish state by stating  that Israel is not interested in peace  and calling on the international community to stop Israel's "provocative actions."

Regrettably, Obama is giving ammunition to the Arab world which largely supports the annihilation of the State of Israel.  By the Obama Administration lambasting Israel and characterizing Israel as the aggressor (apparently building homes in a Jewish neighborhood is an aggressive action) and  siding with the Palestinians as the party interested in peace when in fact the PA has shown consistently through its support of terrorism that it is not interested in peace threatens to cause a whole new level of violence in the region, legitimizes the Arab war against Israel,  and sets us back considerably from identifying the real enemy in the conflict which are the terrorists who vow Israel's and the United States destruction.

For Obama's sake, he should be careful about how far he goes in isolating Israel. It could have disastrous consequences for him in 2010 and 2012.


Israel Matters said...

Sickening! Good reporting, keep us up to date!!

Yona said...

Its the biggest joke in the world, literally.

Missin'Missouri said...

Regrettably, Israel made a mistake....would you acknowledge that? But, there is no reason for Obama to treat a staunch ally so disrespectfully.