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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Obama's Unprofessionalism

Throughout U.S. history, Presidents from both parties have used profanity often accidentally over an open mic.

During the 2000 campaign, George W. Bush leaned over to Dick Cheney in what he thought was a private moment. Instead, he called a reporter an A Hole which was caught on TV and broadcasted on the news. Additionally, during a trip to London, President Bush was caught on tape using the word Sh*t to Tony Blair.

The current President has not been very subtle in using profanity. Recently, at the White House Correspondents Dinner, he made a joke about Joe Biden and used the F word.  It had to beeped out by the networks. You know things have gone down hill when CSPAN has to bleep out the President.

Now, the latest profanity moment involving the President occurred with Matt Lauer  of NBC's The Today Show  interviewing Obama about his response to the oil spill crisis.  Incredulously, Obama told Lauer that he has been consulting with experts to find out "whose ass to kick" for causing the oil spill.

We are not talking about a gaffe  here on an open mic or even a camera that catches the President using profanity or a news report that attributes a profanity laced quote to the President. Rather, Obama has sit down with a respected reporter for an interview on a major network and he chooses to use shady unprofessional language to describe his current administration policy on how to deal with the crisis.

Is this how the President of the United States should be acting?  For an individual educated in Ivy league schools, did he not learn more proper language with which to describe his frustrations?

Obama is now sending the message through his unprofessional discourse that it is perfectly acceptable to use profanity in the workplace. How unfortunate!