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Friday, June 4, 2010

Remove Helen Thomas from the White House Press Corps

Helen Thomas, the legendary White House Press Correspondent, has been interviewing Presidents since the Eisenhower Administration. She is known in Washington for her liberal leanings. Thomas was adamantly opposed to the Iraq war and routinely clashed President Bush's White House press secretaries over that issue. But many people do not know is that Helen Thomas is a virulent anti-Semite and a staunch supporter of the Palestinian Authority.  Her Lebanese descent may explain why she is so anti-Israel.

But Thomas recently stepped over the line when she told a reporter outside of the White House on Jewish Heritage Civilization Day this past May 27th that the Jews should go back to Europe and "get the hell out of Palestine."

Here is the shocking video

Could you imagine if a White House Correspondent told Black people to go back to Africa or Hispanic people to go back to Mexico or Asian people to go back to China? There would be moral outrage and rightfully so.

Hardly anyone is criticizing Thomas for her viciously anti-Semitic remarks.

Thomas, who is the correspondent for Hearst Newspapers which owns the Houston and San Francisco Chronicles among other newspapers, should be immediately removed from the White House Press Corps and Hearst Newspapers should immediately terminate her services.

Call the White House comments line at 202- 456-1111 and tell the White House operator that the President and his press secretary Robert Gibbs should no longer permit Helen Thomas to attend any press conferences at the White House.

You know Al Sharpton would be calling for Helen Thomas's dismissal if she the same incendiary remarks about Blacks.  Lets cause a similar uproar.