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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Question and Answer of the Day

Question: If the NYPD or the LAPD or any police officer in America had his gun stolen by a criminal only to be fired upon by the gun that was once in the police officer's position, would that police officer hesitate to kill the criminal if he could in self-defense?

Answer: Of course he would  not hesitate and there would be no U.N. condemnation nor would there be any outcry from the European Union  nor would the President of the U.S. ask the police force to get their facts straight. There would be no discussion. The police officer would have the absolute right to defend himself  if he had his gun stolen or if he was beaten with metal rods or if he was thrown to the ground and assaulted.

Next Question: Why should the IDF be treated any differently when their soldiers are attacked by terrorists masked as humanitarian activists?

Answer:  Because Jews are not allowed to defend themselves in the eyes of the international community. Instead, Jewish police officers/soldiers  must permit the criminal/terrorist  to beat them to death with metal rods, thrown them overboard in the water, and steal their guns without a reprisal attack.