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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Biden tells Israel not to strike Iran

Vice-President Joseph Biden made an appearance on ABC's "The View" this past week while he was in New York to commemorate Earth Day.

Aside from his admission that he had to propose to his wife Jill 5 times before she agreed to marry him, he was also asked by Barbara Walters to comment on the situation with Iran and in particular whether Israel will strike the Iranian regime without the permission of the U.S.

Biden responded  emphatically "they're not going to do that" as if he is the ultimate decider of Israeli government decisions. 

He went on to say "everyone from the Israeli prime minister straight through to the British prime minister to the president of Russia – everyone agrees the next step we should take is the UN sanction route.”

Biden tries to frame his answer to Barbara Walters' question in such a way that it looks like  Israel will not strike Iran because it is opposed to a military strike and would rather opt for sanctions.

But, if you read through the tea leaves, here is what Biden is really saying to the Israelis.

"Listen up Netanyahu, you are not  going to strike Iran because we will not allow you to strike Iran." As it stands, this is the official U.S. policy that an Israeli military strike on Iran is not acceptable.

By the way, on a side note, Biden's current view of  an Israeli  military strike has changed from over a year ago. In July of 2009, Biden stated that the "U.S. cannot dictate to another sovereign nation what they can and cannot do."

His response to Walters' question just the other day is a clever way of  avoiding answering directly whether Israel will strike Iran without U.S. permission and what would be the ramifications of that decision.

In reality, the Israeli government will have no choice but to use military force against Iran with or without U.S. permission as the threat of Israel's annihilation looms larger each day. And, without the likelihood of concrete sanctions any time soon, military action becomes imperative to stop the Iranian regime from igniting a second Holocaust.

Sometimes you have to dissect a politician's answer  to a question in order to obtain the real answer on a given issue.

In this case, it is clear that Israel is going to have a tough time getting the U.S. on board if Israel feels compelled to strike Iran.


Tammy said...

A hard time getting the PRESIDENT of the US aboard. I suspect there are millions of people in the US who would help load the bombs and fly the is only the Disgrace-in-Chief who chooses to insult and handcuff ISrael.