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Monday, April 12, 2010

Obama's Failed Rhetoric

Today we honored the memories of the six million Jews including 1.5 million children who perished in the Holocaust and the many others who survived but were irreparably damaged.

Ever year as we commemorate the Holocaust at this time, there is a memorial ceremony at Israel's Holocaust Museum known as Yad Vashem. In addition, leaders all over the world annually issue proclamations condemning the Holocaust and also make statements remembering the victims.

In recent years, these statements have become all the more significant because the world is facing another Holocaust. This time the potential is  for a nuclear Holocaust.

Of course, I am talking about Iran.

Unfortunately, despite the now famous expression "Never Again," the Holocaust could very well happen again precisely because our leaders are making statements that they do not intend to keep or enforce. Apparently, the term "Never Again," which was repeatedly drummed into our lexicon to assuage international guilt for universal inaction to prevent the Holocaust, has lost its impact.

In the years before the Holocaust, the warning signs of the pending Holocaust were written on the wall but for whatever reason no one decided to take them seriously enough to prevent the Holocaust from happening.

Now, we are faced with those same warning signs in a modern day era and once again no is taking Iran's threat to obtain a nuclear weapon serious enough to take action to prevent it from carrying out its nefarious plot.

We hear from our leaders how much they are opposed to Iran obtaining a nuclear weapon. But, where is the action?

History may be doomed to repeat itself.

In an ironic twist,  President Obama commemorated the Holocaust by stating that the memories of the victims  "serve as a constant reminder to honor their legacy by renewing our commitment to prevent genocide, and to confront anti-Semitism and prejudice in all of its forms"  

President Obama, you have an opportunity to prevent genocide right now by confronting Iran. Yet, your administration remains opposed to Israel launching a military strike against Iran. In other words, you would rather have Israel tie their hands behind their backs and wait for a nuclear bomb to hit the streets of Tel Aviv or Jerusalem in the event that sanctions are not effective which they will not be in all likelihood.  

How are you renewing your commitment to preventing genocide when you are opposed to Israel exercising its right to defend itself against the very genocide that you seem to be opposed to in your statement on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This is just another example of Obama's failed rhetoric.