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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mayor of Jerusalem Denied a Meeting

The Obama snub of  the State of Israel is not expected to cease any time soon. Once again, an elected Israeli official has been given the cold treatment. Last month it was Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Now, it is the Mayor of Jerusalem.

Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat is in Washington meeting with members of Congress. He has been critical of the Obama Administration's demand that Israel halt all East Jerusalem construction in Jewish neighborhoods but not Arab neighborhoods.

Barkat stated "I think in Washington or anywhere in the states its illegal, it’s anti constitutional, to ask who’s the owner, if he’s Jewish or Muslim.  You’re not allowed to discriminate, by race, by color, or by religion. And I’m surprised at the demand and the request to hint to us that we must discriminate…It’s against the law.”

Incensed by Mayor Barkat's criticism, Hillary Clinton and George Mitchell refused to meet with him during his visit to Washington.

President Obama has no problem telling Arizona that they are discriminating against illegal aliens. Yet, when the Mayor of Jerusalem criticizes him for discriminating against Jewish residents in East Jerusalem; Obama cries foul. Go figure.