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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Sanctions Begin At Home

Just like the old adage "Charity Begins at Home," well how about a new expression appropriate for the times that we live in, "Sanctions  Begin at Home."

Mahmoud Ahmadenijad, the Iranian leader who is also referred to as a modern-day Hitler, has been routinely afforded the opportunity to travel to the U.S. for U.N. Conferences where he can preach his anti-American anti-Zionist anti-Israel rhetoric and make a mockery out of his hosts who so irresponsibly allow him into the country.

The Bush Administration gave him unfettered access to New York and the Obama Administration has continued the tradition.

Ahmadenijad requested a visa from the U.S. to come to New York to attend a U.N. Conference next week oddly enough on non-proliferation where he can once again deceive the  public into thinking that Iran does not have nuclear weapons just as the Nazis led the Red Cross to believe that the Jews were playing an innocent game of  soccer at Auschwitz.

Instead of  showing the world that the Obama Administration means business in procuring sanctions  through the ultimate sanction by not allowing Ahmadenijad into the country, Obama has decided to grant Ahmadenijad's visa request.

Would it not have sent an earth shattering message to Ahmadenijad had he been denied the opportunity to attend a conference which he will only use as a platform to further his psychopathic propaganda? How can anyone believe  that Obama is serious about procuring sanctions when he can not even take the bold step of denying a simple visa request from a leader who does not deserve any international legitimacy whatsoever?

Sanctions Begin at Home, Mr. President.  You can not expect the Chinese or the Russians to go along with your plan of  sanctions that "bite" if you do not have the backbone to block Ahmadenijad from setting foot on the very territory that he seeks to destroy.