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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Former Obama Supporters Sign Pro-Israel Petition


In response to President Obama's recent treatment of Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu when he visited the White House last March, the conservative pro-Israel blog  Kauffmans Commentary sponsored a Petition criticizing Obama for his unstatesmanlike conduct. The Petition is titled "Mr. President, We Stand with Israel" and "Israel Deserves Respect."

The Petition reads as follows:

    "We , the undersigned, are signing this Petition to voice our outrage and dismay  that you have more respect for enemies of the United States than allies like the State of Israel as you have shown repeatedly throughout your presidency. On March 23rd, 2010, you met with Israeli Prime-Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the White House. Unfortunately, you treated Mr. Netanyahu in a disrespectful manner. It is customary for the President of the United States to hold a joint press conference with the visiting head of state, to permit the media to take photographs, and to offer a statement of what was discussed in the meeting. In an act which can only be explained as a snub, you prevented the media from taking any photographs, required that your meeting with Mr. Netanyahu be closed to the press, offered no statement about what was discussed in the meeting, and left the Prime-minister and his entourage in the White House while you went to dinner with your family. This is certainly not a way to treat one of America's best friends in the world. Instead of weakening Israel for building homes in a Jewish neighborhood, we call on you and your administration to utilize more energy in confronting Iran to prevent a nuclear Holocaust." 

As of today's date, over 500 people have signed the Petition expressing their discontent with the manner in which the President mistreated Netanyahu.

The makeup of the signatories indicates that there exists diversified support for the State of Israel in the United States.  Evangelical Christians,  Orthodox Jews, secular Jews, Democrats, Republicans, Hispanic Americans, men, and women are all represented in this Petition.

Several individuals who supported President Obama in the 2008 campaign also signed the Petition which suggests that President Obama may be alienating a segment of his support base as a result of the recent tension in the U.S.-Israel relationship that many believe Obama manufactured unnecessarily.

Here are the words of a few of the former Obama supporters who now oppose his policies on the Middle East.

Robert Redmon- " I voted for you previously, however I'm now ashamed that I'd voted for you."
Jill Daly: "As a supporter of you during your campaign, I am deeply saddened in your attitude toward Israel."
Beth Hoffman: " I voted for you Mr. President, please do not let the Jewish people down"

Kauffmans Commentary sent the Petition to the White House on Tuesday April 20th, to coincide with Yom Haatzmaut, Israel's Independence Day.

The Petition will remain active for at least a few more weeks.