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Friday, December 25, 2009

Carter's apology not accepted

Just in time for the holiday season, the former U.S. President Jimmy Carter offered an apology to Jewish Americans for "stigmatizing Israel." In fact, he offered an "Al Chet" which is the prayer that Jews say on Yom Kippur when asking God for forgiveness. Why  all of a sudden after years of  attacking the Jewish state without any feelings of remorse does Jimmy Carter have an epiphany and decide that maybe he committed a major sin in spewing outrageous blood libels about the State of Israel. Last Christmas, he did not apologize. And the Christmas before that, he did not apologize.  Why now? Well, some are saying its because Carter's grandson is running for Congress in a District which is heavily populated with Jews.  The grandson probably called up grandfather Jimmy, and said "hey grandpa can you help me here. I am having problems with the Jews. Bail me out." And Grandpa Jimmy said, "sure grandson, let me apologize to the Jews and everything will be alright."

Now, Carter says that the fact that his grandson is running for office has nothing to do with his apology. Regardless of whether the apology was precipitated because of his grandson's quest for higher office or because of some other reason, the apology is too little too late and should not be accepted by the Jewish community or anyone else who is deserving of an apology from Carter.

Jimmy Carter has done more to delegitimize and besmirch the credibility of the Jewish State than any another other politician in the U.S. and perhaps in the rest of the world.  Now, there are definitely many others who follow Jimmy Carter's lead vis a vis Israel. But, Carter is at the head of the pack of anti-Israel enthusiasts who never seem to miss a dull moment in slandering all aspects of the State of Israel.  And, he has caused significant harm to Israel in the PR battle in recent years which is unforgivable. In addition, his Carter Center receives more money each year from pro-Arab groups including Saudi Arabia, so who knows if his apology will be long-term or more likely short-lived. 

Lets examine Carter's disturbing career maligning the character of the State of Israel.

1)  Jimmy Carter has famously retorted that Israel's policies are worse than Apartheid in South Africa when Arab citizens have more rights in Israel than they do in Arab countries.

2)  He authored a book called Palestine: Peace not Apartheid where he demeaned Israel and traveled around the world to promote his book calling Israel all kinds of horrible names. (Carter: Israel treats Palestinians like animals, Israel is persecuting the Palestinians, the Palestinians are victimized, Israel is colonizing Palestinian land, Israel is the primary obstacle to peace,  Israel is starving the Palestinians of the necessities of life, Israel should be condemned for attacking Hamas etc.)

3) Here is Carter taking the airways attacking Israel which he did regularly when promoting his book (

4) Carter took pride in outing Israel's nuclear program claiming Israel has 150 nuclear weapons. That disclosure harmed Israel's security and her steadfast refusal to reveal whether or not it has nuclear weapons. (

5) Carter had no problem meeting with Hamas and providing an aura of legitimacy on the terrorist organization.He admired Yasser Arafat.  He traveled to Syria and Lebanon to meet with terrorist leaders even though Syria in cooperation with Hezbollah vow Israel's destruction. He and his Carter Center has had extensive ties with the Arab world and have long supported Arab causes even when they were detrimental to Israel's security.  He believes that Israel should talk to everyone even to those countries who want to wipe her off the face of the map.

6) Carter has downplayed Palestinian attacks on Israel  making very little mention of Israeli victims in his book Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. He also has played the morally equivalent game linking Israel's self-defense mechanisms on an equal plane to Palestinian homicide bombings. He's good at that game.

The list goes on and on.

How can you forgive such a man who has spent a whole career validating the Arab world which has vigorously worked since 1948 to eradicate the State of Israel? Maybe there will be some in the Jewish community who will forgive Carter.  I doubt he will get too many favorable responses.


MissTammy said...

Jimmy Carter is a shame to the state of Georgia, and the entire country.

Even if we can manage to forgive him, we will never forget...and I am not even Jewish.

Andy said...

Jimmy Carter also helped broker the peace between Egypt and Israel, so let's keep things in perspective. In the book, the facts that he uses are fundamentally sound, even if they are used to draw faulty conclusions. He has often, like so many critics of Israel, failed to see the whole picture. There are many instances where Palestinians are deprived of their rights and Palestinian sovereignty is undermined, however, the Israelis show a great deal of restraint given what they are faced with. The problem is not so much Israel as it is a Palestine that can't get its act together, and an Arab world that doesn't want to see a strong, sovereign Palestine. We must support Palestinians that want peace and help them to power.