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Monday, December 14, 2009

China cancels world meeting on Iran

The world powers were scheduled to meet in Brussels to discuss Iran's nuclear program. Unfortunately, China canceled the meeting claiming scheduling problems. Out of all of the world powers, China is the least to call for the destruction of Iran's nuclear program because they receive a significant amount of oil from the Iranians. The fact that China cancelled the meeting raises a very important question.

During the campaign, we heard a litany of reasons why Obama should become President. One of those reasons was that he needed to restore America's reputation in the eyes of the world. We needed to reach out to the rest of the world and understand their concerns and interests. But, what happens if the rest of the world is diametrically opposed to a major U.S. initiative that could protect the American people from a nuclear attack?  In order to not be arrogant, would the President have to follow along with the desires of the rest of the world and in turn reject U.S. security interests?  We may be confronting this very question with the Iranian nuclear program. Regardless of whether Obama truly wants to procure sanctions, the U.S. has expressed interest in procuring sanctions against the Iranians by agreeing to participate in this meeting in Brussels.  Well, what happens when China says we are not going to support opposing Iran's nuclear program as it appears they are doing now, what will Obama do then?  Will he be arrogant and bypass China in order to protect America and the free world from nuclear attack or will he try to understand the Chinese and delay procuring sanctions indefinitely? Time will answer that question.


Fraser said...

Interesting these days that American national security is in the eyes of many classed as "arrogance". Some have been short-sighted enough to label some forms of national security as racism. As an Australian I also fear the precedents a new "softer" America may set before smaller western nations. If we're all "racist" enough to admit we know what the Iranians want nukes for, then that's a step towards the general public supporting the Obama admin in a harder stance.