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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Leave Hadassah Lieberman Alone

If you have not heard already, the liberal blogs have stooped to an all time low. They have resorted to attacking a Senator's wife. Namely, Joe Lieberman's wife Hadassah. The liberal blog, Firedoglake, is demanding that Hadassah Lieberman be fired from her position as spokeswoman for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. According to Firedoglake, she is not suitable for her position at Susan G. Komen because of her husband's opposition to the Democratic health care plan or at least the provision where the Democrats want to include medicare coverage for 55 yr. olds.

First, let me cut to the chase and make my first point known right out of the box. The Firedoglake blog is engaging in outrageous conduct. Why should a Senator's wife be the subject of personal attacks and political retribution which could result in professional repercussions merely because a liberal group opposes the policies of her husband?  Hadassah is not responsible for what her husband supports while he is a Senator in the U.S. Senate.She is her own person and should be judged based on her own credentials.  If Firedoglake wants to launch a campaign against Joe Lieberman, that's one thing. But to engage in the politics of personal destruction by attacking a Senator's wife in order send a message to a Senator that liberals vehemently disagree with is the epitome of  "chutzpah" for a lack of a better word.

Even if Senator Lieberman  is opposed to health care reform which he is not( the truth is that Senator Lieberman is not opposed to reforming health care in this country. He is opposed to the Democrats spending an exorbitant amount of money on health care reform which will bankrupt this country in a time of economic downturn) why should Hadassah be targeted?  What did she do to deserve being singled out by this liberal blog? Is she a U.S. Senator who made any statements positive or negative about the Democrats' health care plan? After all, Mrs. Lieberman has proven herself on her own merits and is highly qualified to represent the Susan G. Komen Foundation. But the liberal blogs these days would never consider this fact when it does not suit their interests. They refuse to discuss issues in a legitimate constructive manner. Instead, they have to strike below the hip with the hope that Lieberman would cave in and support the health care bill in its current form if he sees his wife being attacked by the liberal blogs. If you look at the liberal blogs, they also have resorted to ad hominem attacks laced with profanity against Senator Lieberman. Whatever happened to civilized debate?

Unfortunately, civilized debate does not pay anymore. Pressuring organizations in order to make a statement is more effective which is why the liberal blogs are turning their sights on the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The Foundation has stated repeatedly that they support Mrs. Lieberman and are happy with her performance. But, the liberal blogs have beseeched the assistance of  Ellen DeGeneris and other celebrities to pressure the Foundation to fire Mrs. Lieberman as their spokeswoman. Who knows what will happen when the Foundation gets negative press or receives angry calls for Mrs. Lieberman's termination from high profile celebrities like DeGeneris?

Its time for those of us who are tired of the way liberals do business to make a statement of our own. If you are outraged by Firedoglake's mistreatment of Hadassah Lieberman and are concerned that the Foundation could terminate her position, contact the Susan G. Komen Foundation at 1-877 Go Komen and urge them to keep Mrs. Lieberman as their spokeswoman now more than ever before. If we can rise to the occassion, we can send a very powerful message that the politics of personal destruction will no longer be tolerated even from liberal blogs like Firedoglake.