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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Diplomatic Chutzpah

In the ultimate act of diplomatic chutzpah, the Obama administration recently requested from Israel an explanation as to why the IDF killed three terrorists who were responsible for the callous murder of 40 yr. old Meir Hai. The terrorists, whom the IDF hunted down and eliminated, brutally murdered a father of seven and a beloved teacher.  How could the Obama administration have such a nerve to ask Israel to "explain" why she defended herself in killing three terrorists who not only killed Hai but had been responsible for other attacks on Israelis?  This brazen attempt by the Obama administration to equate Palestinian terror with Israeli self-defense would have been tantamount to  Israel asking the Bush administration  for an "explanation" as to why the U.S. Armed Forces killed Taliban terrorists in Afghanistan after 9/11.

It would behoove the Obama administration to ask the Palestinian Authority for an explanation as to why they continue to endorse terror and incite their people to become homicide bombers in violation of international law which continues to be conveniently ignored by the U.N.  That would be a much better use of the Obama administration's time.


MissTammy said...

I don't know how many more times I am going to be able to say "I cannot believe this man" without losing my mind.

He won't "get involved" with the Iranian protestors in any way, not even a small supporting speech, but he has the gaul to ask Israel such a question??