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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Not so fast Harry Reid

According to Lindsey Graham(R-SC), the Democrats buyout deal of  Ben Nelson over the weekend could prompt a constitutional challenge. In a stunning turn of events, the Democrats were able to garner the last holdout vote on the Democrat side, giving the Dems the 60 vote majority to pass health care, by cajoling Ben Nelson to change his mind and vote in favor of the health care bill. Why, all of a sudden,  did Ben Nelson change his mind? Remember, he was very adamant in opposing the bill in recent weeks because of provisions in the bill which funded abortion.  The answer to Ben Nelson's rather sudden change of heart: Money and lots of it.

Harry Reid & Co. in a secret backroom deal exempted Ben Nelson and the State of Nebraska from paying for  Medicare.   Every other state is still required to pay their share for Medicare. But, not Nebraska. It certainly renews the American people's distrust of the political establishment in Washington to know that our Senators have no conviction and can be bought out if prodded with money. Who else has been bought out to change their vote on this bill or any other bill in the history of policymaking in this country? Too many to even ponder.

But, the American people still have a voice even if it appears otherwise sometimes. And, if  Lindsey Graham is correct, Harry Reid and the Democrats may have a lawsuit to contend with by angry Americans in 51 other states who do not want to see Nebraska exempted from paying Medicare while everyone else is expected to pay their share.

Good luck defending yourselves Harry Reid and Ben Nelson.