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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Negotiations with Iran not working

Ahmadenijad announced today that uranium enrichments will continue indefinitely despite the international community's strong condemnation of Iran's nuclear program. Iran has also refused to shut down a secret uranium enrichment plant. (BTW, the international community has been condemning Ahmadenijad's psychopathic rants for at least two years now to no avail as Iran has not indicated that it feels threatened enough by the west to disband its nuclear program). Clearly, empty threats are not effective. And, neither are negotiations as Iran has already rejected demands to work with the IAEA and the UN. The Iranian leader adamantly stated "You should know that even if you sizzle (from impatience or desire to talk) ... the Iranian nation won't talk to you concerning the nuclear issue." In response to this statement from Iran, the IAEA even believes that negotiations are at a dead end. If the IAEA believes that negotiations will not be the mechanism that destroys Iran's nuclear program, what more proof does the Obama administration need to accept the fact that no one is capable of negotiating with a tyrannical regime that seeks to dominate the world and destroy western and Jewish civilization?

Its time for a new strategy. When will Obama make a speech regarding his strategy on Iran? Unfortunately, Obama is opposed to even consider taking any military action which in all likelihood will be the only option that will stop Iran from getting their hands on a nuclear bomb. He has not been successful thus far in procuring sanctions against the Iranians. Obama has also left Israel in the dark as the Jewish state waits anxiuosly for Obama to make a decision.(Israel may be forced to go into Iran alone) Meanwhile, as Obama continues to hedge his bets on meaningless negotiations, Iran is enhancing its nuclear program at an alarming rate.


Anonymous said...

The West needs to realize that Ahmadinejad is a Hitler. We need you to run for office!