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Monday, December 7, 2009

Obama: Turkey could help stop Iran

President Obama stated at the White House today that he is of the opinion that Turkey could be an "important player" in dissuading Iran from using their nuclear weapons in a menacing manner.  However, Turkey has already made it clear that they oppose implementing sanctions against Iran. How could Turkey be an important player when it is already opposed to punishing Iran for acquiring nuclear weapons?  Without a strong and coherent message to Iran that the West will not support its nuclear program through the implementation of sanctions, mere negotiations or empty threats will never act as a deterrent and only encourages Iran to continue enhancing its nuclear program. Further, analysts claim that Turkey is more interested in promoting anti-western values and fostering ties with its Arab neighbors.  The Obama administration is also eager to pressure Turkey to assist the U.S. in Afghanistan which means that Turkey may only agree to become involved in Afghanistan on condition that Turkey remain opposed to siding with the U.S. on procuring sanctions against Iran. If that's the case, Turkey surely could not be an "important player" in stopping the Iranians from acquiring the nuclear bomb especially since Turkey is more interested in maintaining good ties with Iran.

Obama ought to begin thinking of a realistic workable strategy for dealing with Iran which does not expect any involvement from Turkey or other Arab countries.  Otherwise, the Obama admnistration will be kidding itself if it seriously believes that Turkey will be an important player in stopping the Iranians.


InvictusSoAfrica said...

Can't trust the Turks! They've shown that. Point taken.