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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Taxpayer money on flowers?

Nancy Pelosi is adamant that the Dems socialist healthcare plan wont cripple the economy even though a public health option clearly can not operate alongside a private health option. Our economy can not logistically sustain both options and expect an improvement in the economy. Even if the health care legislation would be able to survive the economic downturn that we are in, you would think that Nancy Pelosi would be more conservative with her money on less important matters considering that she's proposing a multi billion dollar health care initiative. Not Speaker Nancy. Would you know that Speaker Pelosi spent $2,993.00 on flowers between June and October? Lets get this straight. She can not go to the local giant and pay $10.00 for flowers?    Thats not sufficient? Everyone else is expected to spend less and downsize in order to conserve money. Why does that not also apply to the Speaker? On what other pointless matters is the Speaker going to spend money? Maybe she'll spend 3,000.00 for the House to eat choclate chip cookies.


Anonymous said...

Preach it, brother!

Anonymous said...

What were the flowers for? I think that's a bit extravagant and should be checked somewhere. Unfortunately, this type of congressional spending goes beyond partisan politics and applies to both sides of the isle.

Whatever happened to the lesson from kindergarten.. 'if you are bringing something to share, then you need to share with everyone'. I expect a flower or cookie with my 2009 tax refund!