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Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Nazi Grinch Who Stole Christmas

An unkown story buried in the annals of  the history books finally becomes known more than sixty years after the end of the Holocaust.  The story involves the Nazis who sadistically robbed six million Jews of their G-dgiven right to human existence.  In an untold story, they also attempted to alter the meaning of Christmas and to drastically change the way Christmas was celebrated in Germany for centuries. A new exhibition in Cologne, Germany reveals a Nazi plan to ban Christmas presumably because they could not stand the fact that Jesus  had a Jewish past. But, they found banning Christmas to be too difficult. So, instead of depriving Germans of their holiday, the Nazis did what they do best. They corrupted Christmas. Christmas was changed to "Julfest" which is a German term. According to the Nazis, Christmas was now defined as an ancient winter tradition. Jesus was no longer in the picture and Santa Claus became a Viking Knight. All references to Christmas were erased especially in songs. And, Swastika symbols had to be placed on the tree.  

Despite the Nazi attempts to transform Christmas, most Germans were able to keep their long-standing traditions at least privately within the confines of their family. Nevertheless, the Nazi Grinch dampened the national Christmas spirit and also somehow prevented this story from being told for sixty some years.

Now, the story of the Nazi Grinch is on display for all to see at this exhibit in Cologne, Germany until January 17th, 2010.